Commercial DNA Scans in Beef Cattle make Changing Genetics Quicker

(Jamie) Welcome back! Let’s see how commercial DNA scans in beef cattle make genetic changes quicker.
(Bob) More information for the same price. Zoetis recently started reporting individual traits on its commercial genomics test for Angus cattle. (Kent Andersen) We think that it will give some commercial Cow/Calf users of GeneMax Advantage, particularly those in challenging environments, more flexibility to put added emphasis on things like heifer pregnancy and Calving Ease Maternal. (Bob) That added flexibility through technology means greater cost effectiveness. (Andersen) It’s all of the same and these added individual trait features for the same price. A couple of other things then that are incorporated will have the very latest version 5 marker effects, which will describe more variation than ever before, for all the traits and the indexes. We also then will be benchmarking all the animals against all of the tested population of commercial Angus, which now totals over 37 thousand head. It’s some better benchmarking from better marker effects and more precision in selection and mating through the reporting of individual trait predictions. (Bob) Angus breeders have tested more than 220 thousand animals, and those results add accuracy. (Andersen) Then on the defensive side of the game plan, it’s a matter of GeneMax Advantage then, being the tool of choice to select the ones that will make the most money, be the most profitable, over their lifetimes, and also know then best what to breed them to, to accentuate their strengths and to correct their weaknesses. (Bob) Applying the technology leads to increasingly better cows that produce increasingly better calves and premium beef for consumers. I’m Bob Cervera.
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