Cooper Martin

(Ernie) Hi friends, I’m Ernie Rodina and welcome to AGam in Kansas and our Horsin’ Around segment. I tell you what, what a great time. We are out here at Domer Arena, Topeka, Kansas, at the 2015 High School Rodeo Championships. And we’ve got one folks, right where this is. I keep telling folks, keep track of his name. To get started off, we’ve got Cooper Martin, that’s the 2014 National Champion, Tie Down Roper. Just got your permit card. You’re a finalist in the Best of the Best. You’re sitting first on this. I mean how you doing it all, Coop? (Cooper) One day at a time. (Ernie) What has taken you to this level? I know it’s gotta be a lot of hard practice. (Cooper) A lot of hard practice but you gotta have people that will help you. And that’s my sponsors and my family. I couldn’t do it without them. (Ernie) Looking at your tie down roping. Who’s your mentor in tie down roping? (Cooper) Probably would have to be Trevor Brazile. (Ernie) Trevor Brazile. Good guy. And it’s neat that you all compete against each other, but you, you’re helping each other. (Cooper) Yes sir. (Ernie) From that standpoint. We got…this is your first year with a PRCA permit card. What’s the limits on that? (Cooper) You can go to as many as you want as long as you win under $1,000 dollars and then you’ve got to either buy your permit again or buy your PRCA card. (Ernie) Your goal for your PRCA card would be in 2106. (Cooper) Yes sir. (Ernie) That would be great. Let’s talk about your horse and your mounts that you use. How many do you use when you go and take this type of run? (Cooper) I’ve got two of my own that I ride consistently. And then I’ve got two of some people that I’ve been living with that I ride at the bigger shows like last week at the Best of the Best. (Ernie) Best of the Best. And that was a great rodeo. Two…what was it $250,000 dollars adding? (Cooper) Yes sir. (Ernie) And you know what they’re talking about maybe next year, the rumors? (Cooper) Five hundred… (Ernie) Five hundred thousand for 30 ropers. I bet you you’ll be there. (Cooper) Yes sir. (Ernie) But it’s really neat to see all the help and your horses. And do you have one favorite mount of all of ’em that you can always go to, or are they all pretty good? (Cooper) They’re all pretty decent. (Ernie) So, you’ve got this going on. You’ve got your…I want to congratulate… she’s not here. But what about your little sister? (Cooper) Yea, she just won all but one of her events at the Junior High School Finals and is headed to Nationals. (Ernie) That…(Cooper) And won the All Around. (Ernie) Well, I’m gonna tell you something, this is your last year, here at High School competing and Cooper I just want to congratulate you on what a tremendous, stellar performance you had, no matter what happens. And we’re gonna look for big things from Cooper Martin coming down the road. And your next trip, if you make the Finals which you will, you go up to…where are the Nationals at? (Cooper) Rock Springs. (Ernie) Rock Springs, Wyoming? (Cooper) Yes sir. (Ernie) Wyoming. And that’s just a few weeks away. (Cooper) Yes sir. (Ernie) So, that’s really great. But I tell you what Cooper, appreciate you being part of that. Appreciate you being part of Better Horses Radio. Cooper Martin. You be watching for that name folks. And don’t forget my nickname. (Cooper) Gold buckles. (Ernie) Gold buckles is my name. Cause I’m gonna get the first gold buckle seed, this guy. Cooper thanks a million. Make sure you go to to find the closest station to you to listen to our show. One other thing-AGam in Kansas, we’re taking it to another level with the Horsin’ Around. Until next week, Happy Trails.

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