Cowboy College

(Greg) Good morning, well we started Beef Today’s Cowboy College, we launched it last year with the help of Dr. Dan Thomson. The first Cowboy College was in Omaha, was specifically for feedyard employees, pen riders, processing crews. We’ve had two Cowboy Colleges this year, one for cow/calf operators in the Denver area and this one here this week in Wichita. Again, for feedlot operators, feedlot cowboys, pen riders, and so forth. The focus primarily is on animal health and animal welfare, animal well-being. The stars of the program have been Dr. Dan Thomson, Dr. Noffsinger and Dr. Apley from Kansas State. It’s really important to offer these types of educational opportunities for small groups of cowmen, people numbers about 100. It’s really provided opportunities for interaction between the veterinarians who really are world-renowned veterinarians and actual working feedyard cowboys. As we know, there are some issues that are high priority for some of the actives that would like to limit animal agriculture. So when you have veterinarians that understand the issues of antibiotics and antibiotic residues and Dr. Apley himself has actually just been named to the President’s Council on Animal Antibiotic Use in animals. So, it’s not every day that these cowboys get a chance to interact on a one-to-one basis with them. And this small program provided an opportunity for them to do that. A small group like this gives them the one-on-one opportunity for interaction with their veterinarians. And also there’s some networking that goes on here, how do things work in one feedyard, how they work for people in others. It’s just a great opportunity for networking. Program has not been set for next year, but we will have two Cowboy Colleges again. The information can be found at Or go online and look up a way to email us directly.

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