Crossroads Rodeo Bible Camp

(Jerry) Good morning, I am Pastor Jerry Newell from the Crossroads Cowboy Church. We’re located at the Junction of 59, 24, and Kansas 76 Highway about three miles east of Perry, Kansas. Just wanted to say good morning and welcome to Crossroads. We’re at the Equifest today and we’re promoting our Rodeo Bible Camp. This will be our first year of Rodeo Bible Camp. We’re going to be holding that at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds in Tonganoxie, Kansas. It’s going to be July the 8th through the 11th for the Junior Camp which is 5th through 8th grade. Then it will be July 12th through the 16th for the Senior Camp which is grades 9-12, Crossroads Rodeo Bible Camp, CRBC. It would be a great opportunity for young people to come out and grow together with each other and their equestrian skills and also in their knowledge of scripture and just meet some young folks of their age and share the same activities and ideas, either scripture or in equestrian events. It’s really a great camp. We’ve been involved with Rodeo Bible Camps for the last six years and this is, as I said earlier, this is our first year to do one on our own and we’re really excited about having it. So, I really encourage it and come out and join us. We’d love to have you check out our information out at or you can check us out on Facebook as well. It’s Crossroads Rodeo Bible Camp. We encourage you to check out the information there. You can preregister online at

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