Curt Pate

(Curt Pate) Yes, we started out of here just right, and first thing that happens a real nice lady on a real nice paint horse was having a big old wreck. That made my day, then I had something to do and got with her and rode her horse for a while and it ended up, she rode it back in at the last trail ride, and she was getting along good and made my day and made her day, and I think her horse is a little better for it. (Dawn) Did you see anything else going out there on the ride that we could work on a little bit better? (Curt) The only thing I see when people are trail riding when you’ve got a big group, if somebody’s in trouble the group keeps going, and that person stops, and that makes the trouble even worse. It’s real hard when you’ve got that many riders. You’ve got to stick together with your little group, take care of each other because that movement of those horses is going to draw people with them. (Dawn) Even if four or five people, if they would just drop back that would help rather than just leaving one person back there? (Curt) Yes, all those horses leaving it make it tough. (Ernie) I suspect you’re watching, and you see if they keep moving it gets the other horses nervous and everything else, they’re back there in the back. But let’s do first things first; let’s brag on the horse that you were riding. (Dawn) I told him she tried to buck with you quite a few times out there today. (Ernie) My horse folks, he was right. (Curt) I’m sure Ernie would be doing all these clinics and things, but he just doesn’t have the time, but I see he’s been riding that horse non-stop, and it shows that you have some skills there. (Ernie) Well, thank you very much. But as always, it’s great to have you. This is what it’s all about, getting together in a friendship. How about last night when we’re all together, Pastor Steve Stafford all of that, visiting, it doesn’t get any better than that does it? (Curt) Yes, and tonight I looked, and I see some beef, some big old steaks cooking. (Dawn) [Laughs] (Ernie) It’d be from the Grand Central Hotel. (Curt) There you go. (Dawn) I’m telling you, folks, if you haven’t been on the Dream Ride; you’ve got to try to get on one of these because we do have a good time. We ride a little, eat a lot and have a lot of fun. (Ernie) Curt, you spend a lot of time in Kansas more with, not only on the horse segment but also on the cattle segment. You’ve given safety things and from that standpoint it means a lot to us to have you in Kansas, and I know there’s a special place in your heart for Kansas. (Curt) You bet. I almost went to work right here. I had a job here, and my wife said we wanted to stay in Montana, so I didn’t get to come to the Flint Hills, which I wanted to do. But when I come back I think it’s important for people to look at their animals, whether it’d be a cow, a horse or whatever. Learn how to ride them, learn how to work them; it’s the right thing to do and do things in a way that fits the world you’re in. (Dawn) Well, we’ve sure had a great time today and beautiful weather. We’re having a wonderful time at the Robin’s Ranch and Ernie, thanks for all you’ve done to help get this put together. You and Susan Barns, and Curt thanks for being here with us. (Ernie) Dawn, they can go to, and we want you to come next year with us. Beautiful place just down here by Strong City or Cottonwood Falls, come down there and we want them to listen to our show every week. (Dawn) We sure do. (Ernie) Find out what affiliate we’ll be on by going to (Dawn) Yes, we’d love to have you listen. Thanks a lot folks, and we’ll see you next time on Horsin’ Around.

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