Dan Mason, Local Cattle Producer

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor as Dan explains why he sells his cattle at a sale barn.
(Kyle) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer from Salina at the Farmers and Ranchers Livestock Commission Company. I have with me Dan Mason. Dan is selling cattle today. The sale hasn’t started yet, so we’re able to stand here in the ring. Dan, tell me about your cow herd. (Dan) Well, I run 80 cross bred cows. They’re cross bred Angus and Short Horn. And I breed them to pure bred Angus bulls. (Kyle) And why is it your pick the Angus/Short Horn cross? (Dan) Angus… everything seems to be black, seems to be the market, but I do like the Short Horn cross for ease of handling the cattle and they just seem to be a very substantial breed. (Kyle) So, you’re selling here at Salina today. Why do you sell at a sale barn? (Dan) Sale barn seems to be the best market for average to smaller producers like myself. We are exposed to a lot more buyers that way versus just a private treaty sale. (Kyle) Now, your cow herd- do you calve? When do you calf and is this your entire calf harvest right now? (Dan) This is the majority of
my calf crop. I start calving in January with my heifers and then my cows follow in February, in March. (Kyle) And so you normally sell this time of year? (Dan) Yes, this seems to fit. If I wean in August, late August then we can background them for a few months and then sell ’em in November. (Kyle) And we’re actually at a special calf sale today, rather than their regular cow, or cattle sale. Why is it you chose the sale… sell at a special calf sale? (Dan) Actually, I just asked Mike Samples what he recommends and he knows the market and he gives me the day that is probably most advantageous for my sale. (Kyle) And the Livestock Commission Company operators, they are a resource for you. (Dan) Oh yes. Those guys know the cattle market. I can produce calves and take good care of my cattle, but I always ask the professionals on what’s the best way to market cattle? (Kyle) How was your grazing season this year? How were the gains? How was the size of your calf crop, is it larger, smaller or normal? (Dan) Calf crop’s good. I’ve been building back up after some very dry years and we’ve had good grass the last two years. (Kyle) We’re visiting with Dan Mason at Salina, Kansas. This is Kyle Bauer reporting. Back to you Jamie.
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