Dana Ladner, Governor’s Internship Program

(Dana) Dana Ladner, with the Kansas Department of Agriculture and I am the Compliance Education Coordinator for our agency. I’m also responsible for the Governor’s Internship Program on behalf of our agency. Today we are hosting a group of college students who have been selected to be participants in the Kansas Governor’s Internship Program. We are touring a variety of organizations and industry partners along with K-State Research and Extension to show our internship students the variety of agriculture and the diversity we have. The Kansas Department of Agriculture is pleased to host 21 interns this summer. The Governor’s Internship Program has a total of 35 interns across the state. And it’s available to all college age students across the United States. They should be Junior or Senior status for this coming fall’s academic year. Students apply for the program in a variety of agencies. Students are not limited to being from the state of Kansas. There are currently five students from out of state who are learning what we have to offer them. Criterias for selection include: academic background, letters of recommendation, coursework, GPA, and in addition an interview with the director who is housed in the Governor’s office in Topeka. Fifty-three percent of the Kansas economy comes from agriculture and today’s tour includes a number of stops which shows our students no matter what department or agency they are working with, that many ties are in agriculture. Whether it be production, marketing, transportation, commerce or administration. Today’s stops included Radina’s Bakery which is a Land of Kansas member and we are very pleased on what Wade of Radina’s had to say about his story and how they utilize Kansas products. We’re also visiting the K-State Agronomy Farm where Dr. Donnelly is showing the students a number of different aspects within the agronomic community and industry to include production, science, research and how it all works together. The students will also tour the K-State dairy and look at the facilities there, followed up by the traditional stop at Kaw Hall for ice cream. We will also be talking with Dr. Fadi at the Food Science Program at Kansas State and discussing how research, extension, education and regulatory can work together. We’ll have a stop at the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center and the Grain Science Complex. Overall today is start to finish on production, Kansas food, feed and how we can feed the world within the state of Kansas.

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