Darren Dale, Manager of Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo

(Jamie) Welcome to Farm Factor! Let’s join Duane and Darren Dale at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo and learn how the combination of great vendors, volunteers and sponsors made this year’s event a rousing success for attendees.
(Duane) Duane Toews joining you once again here on KFRM, a wrap up from the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo. A chance to catch up with Darren Dale, the show manager. Dale, what a three day run it’s been in Great Bend with a great crowd and a great opportunity here at the Farm Show. (Darren) It turned out absolutely fabulous. Thank you for having me on. We started off on Wednesday and Thursday and today on Friday, crowds are unbelievable. Runways are packed. Buildings are packed and it’s just really humbling for me to see it all come together. I want to thank my wife, she does a great job and then the Chamber of Commerce, they provided 350 volunteers this year. It’s really a blessing to have those guys take a day, if not three days off work and come and donate their time We appreciate that tremendously. It’s humbling to see them do that. The vendors hit a home run. We all know how things are, but when they can come in here and sell a product or service and do good, it’s great for the economy and it’s great for agriculture. (Duane) Obviously a tremendous line up that you had once again this year. But farm shows in general, it’s really a coming together of rural people and it’s kind of an event to take in. (Darren) It is an event. It’s nice, you come here and you run into somebody that you haven’t seen for a year or maybe you haven’t seen them for 15 years. It’s people that have a common interest and a common goal and there’s no harder working group of people than farmers and ranchers. I want to thank them very much and I always want to thank our veterans and active military for their service that they provide to us. (Duane) You reference the number of volunteers. It takes a big slug of them to pull off a show like this, but it just works so well here in Great Bend. It’s kind of a well oiled machine at this point. (Darren) It is. In the fifth year, we’ve got the kinks worked out and it’s coming together tremendously. I always have to thank my sponsors, American Hat Company out of Bowie, Texas, makes the best Elton Straw. The Great Bend Co-op with their multiple locations and their great service. And KSN-TV, I want to thank them for being corporate sponsors for five years. (Duane) Obviously, windy on Wednesday and Thursday, you had to hold your hat down but today just a light breeze, the sun’s out and a beautiful day for folks to finish up the Farm Show. (Darren) It’s a great day today. Thank god for what he does and today was perfect. We appreciate it and we’re very thankful for everybody to get here safe and get home safe. (Duane) Our thanks to Darren Dale, joining us here as we wrap up the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo for 2016. Jamie, we’ll send it back to you.
(Jamie) Folks, stay with us after the break – Duane will be back with Randy Bradford, owner of Bradford Cattle Dogs.

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