David Blasi and Fungicides on Wheat

(David Blasi) I’m David Blasi. I live here in Pratt County Kansas, northwest of Pratt about a couple miles. We’re standing in front of my county demonstration plots. We do grow certified seed for several companies. Since January one until about the 15th of April we’d had .90 of rain. We had four and a half inches the first part of December last year, which got us through the winter in great shape. As you know, everybody knows we had tremendous winds through the month of March. I think we had four days worth of wind less than 25 mile an hour and the wheat was getting very dry, the poor ground, the light ground, the sand was really starting to show the drought, the heavy ground, the rains came just in time. Since then, we’ve had over five and a half inches of rain. It’s very wet out right now. We did apply fungicides to our wheat. Stripe Rust and Leaf Rust are on all the very susceptible varieties. We’ve been putting fungicides on for three or four years now and every year we apply quite a little bit more fungicide. We put on approximately 1500 acres of fungicide this year on about 2800-2900 acres a week. All our susceptible varieties, Red Hawk, Everest Armor, I think that’s a no brainer you just put the fungicide on those varieties. On our plots back here, we put the fungicide on the backside of the plots. We did not put anything on the front side of the plots or the west side. It’s going to be interesting to see. Like I said we’ve had about five inches of rain. They’re talking about another inch, inch and a half this weekend. I had a tremendous amount of powdery mildew. The fungicides took care of that so I am a firm believer in fungicides pay. I think the worst case scenario you’ll always at least get your money back, barring the big white combine or a hailstorm coming in the day before you harvest up.

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