David Thompson – 20 Years of Conservation Service

(John) I was pleased to come down to Osage County to the Osage County Conservation District Annual Meeting this evening, and fortunate to give David Thompson an award tonight for 20 years of service to his local conservation district. And this plaque shows his 20 years of service and it’s signed by the leaders in our State Conservation Commission, the Kansas Association of Conservation District and the Natural Resource Conservation Service. And Dave has been quite a leader, a vocal leader in conservation over the 20 years that I’ve known him. And he’s done an outstanding job. And I’d also to thank his wife for allowing him to serve on that board. And we just really appreciate everything that they’ve done and also all the folks here in Osage County for all their hard work for conservation. So, on behalf of the State Conservation Commission and the Division of Conservation with the Department of Agriculture, congratulations. (David) Thank you John. I do want to tell you, you have now redeemed yourself with my wife. But, anyway, I should have had her up there. I’ve been on the board for 20 years now. I started out farming in ’65. Been putting in terraces ever since. We have gone to all no till for one thing. We’ve gone into the CSP program, which we are using the no drip nozzles, or low drip nozzles, I should say. Variable rate fertilizer. The main thing is I think every farmer needs to be conscious of the amount of problems that we do have with soil erosion and we all need to work to get better control of our soil. No till is one of the better ways that we’ve found.

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