Dawn Dawson and Ann White

(Dawn) Hey folks, I’m Dawn Dawson with the Better Horses Radio Show and we are here today on AGam in Kansas with the Horsin’ Around segment and we’re back with Ann White of the Vermillion Valley Equine Equestrian Center, kinda? I think I might have gotten that out close. (Ann) Yea. And also the Basement Tack Store. And today we’re gonna talk about some goals that our children might be able to reach in the English world and even in the Western world with some programs that they have out there today. But you’re very involved in the collegiate competition’s aren’t you? (Ann) Yes I am. So I say when the girls and boys that come and ride most of the time their goal would be to start, to compete at the interstate level. We have several horse shows. We have Kansas Hunter Jumper Association. We host four shows all over the state of Kansas. And that would be your entry level. And then it goes on to the USEF circuit, which is the United State Equestrian Federation. And there are shows all over the country with that. But many of the girls that come to my farm anyway aspire to get on a college team. (Dawn) Now that’s not gonna happen if they just start riding or learning how to do some of the events in high school. It’s a long process isn’t it, to get going? (Ann) Yes, by the time… if you aspire to get on a college team then you need to build up a resume and a show record while you are in high school. And there are several different programs in the country, whether it’s an NCAA team or the IHSA team, and there are… and it’s beginning to get more and more popular in the state of Kansas where high schools are actually starting equestrian teams as well. (Dawn) Well, I think that’s really great, I wish they’d had it when I was young because I would have thrived on that. There’s so many options. We have interviewed a lot of kids that are competing out on some of these college teams and what they do. Tell us some of the… how it works once they get to that college-level competition. It’s very interesting. (Ann) It is very interesting, the NCAA format is different that IHSA format and that is when you have two schools that come and they call it a head to head competition. And the team members will draw a horse and there will be a person from each team that draw the same horse and they have to go in and do the same pattern and the same horse, and whoever gets the highest score on that horse, which they they’ve never ridden before, they get a point for their team. (Dawn) That’s awesome. And Ann you have coached quite a few of the kids that go to some of those teams, you’ve helped them in the hunter jumper and the jumping classes and the equestrian part of it and so we highly recommend if you’re even thinking about it, get your young kids going on that when they’re young so they can build up and learn it right and learn it on a good horse. Contact somebody like Ann White and get going with it. It’s a fun event. So thanks everybody for joining us. Thanks Ann for helping us out with this. Stay tuned to AGam in Kansas and thanks for listening to the Horsin’ Around segment.

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