Dawn Dawson – Correct Hands


(Dawn) Hey folks, I’m Dawn Dawson with AG am in Kansas and today’s Horsing Around tip is to help you be a better horseman. And one of those things I like to do is get correct hands. I like to put my hands on my reigns at an angle like this. If I had a stick in each one it would cross. You take that same position with your hands, and come back to your reigns and I put about that much distance between my hands when I am riding my horse. I ride two handed a lot because you can get your horse in a better position and be more correct when you are practicing your maneuvers. So, what I like to do is get my hands like this and then I have better control over my horse’s head, left and right. One of the bad things that happens when riding one handed, is that sometimes you pull on the horse’s head the wrong direction and you can see that I’m pulling her head to the outside from the direction I’m going. But if I fix my hands and I get back two handed and I make that same right hand turn, I have to do hardly anything to ask my horse to make that nice little turn. Our hands are so important and when we’re riding and getting our horse correct. And it will make you a better horseman.

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