Day on Farm

(Megan VanGordon) My name is Megan VanGordon and I am the AG advisor and agriculture education teacher at Seaman High School in north Topeka. This is Day on the Farm. This is my third year teaching here. We’ve done it all three years and they’ve tried to do it, I know, a couple of years previous to me coming here. We’ve been doing this since the ’80s about. Seaman actually had a rough patch of not being able to keep an AG teacher, so it’s been hit and miss since then. Since I’ve been here, we’ve made sure it’s been very solid. We’ve been blessed with some fantastic weather all three years, which has been really, really awesome. (Allison) We are on a field trip. (Kynslee) Yes, we’re out here on a field trip and we’re learning more about plants and animals. (Alex) We’re looking at animals and we’re learning more about the farm. (Nora) I learned that when you eat the carrot you eat the root and when you eat other vegetables you eat the root too. (Reuben) My group is doing a station about pollution; it is about what we call Freddy the Fish. We have kids dump some stuff in our little vase over there and we show them how pollution really messes up fishes and ponds and rivers and trees. (Braylon) We went over to see a fake fish, how you don’t want to do pollution. (Jacob) To keep the water animals safe and not die. (Kenadie) From chickens we went to the puppy place and we got a pet puppies. (Kendall) Then we went to the greenhouse places. (Kyler) We got these little greenhouse things and they’re going to grow into carrots or green beans. (Reuben) I came into the school year not knowing anything about agriculture. Taking FFA and the classes that I do with Miss VanGordon really has taught me so much about society and animals and stuff like that. (Alex) My favorite part was when we got to go and pet the puppies, because one of them was really fluffy. (Allison) Probably is playing with the puppies. (Kynslee) Mine was probably holding the chickens and chicks. (Kendall) My favorite part is going to be going to the horse and goats. (Kenadie) Holding the chickens, we got to hold chickies. (Kyler) My favorite part was petting the puppies because one of them was so adorable. (Jalee) Then we got to learn about animals. (Emma) Yeah, animals. (Megan VanGordon) This year we actually introduced and asked Southwest Mobile Dairy to come join us. We also partnered with Jefferson County Humane Society and so we have a group here for that as well. We tried to be a lot more structured this year; we actually have lesson plans that all the kids are following which has been fantastic. We’ve had a fantastic rotation so far. I think this year has been the best one we’ve had yet. (Kynslee) It’s exciting because we have an opportunity to hang out with friends more and– (Allison) Meet new animals that you don’t know yet. (Kynslee) Learn more about animals that you haven’t learned…about yet. (Allison) Much about yet.

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