Differences Between KS Soybean Association and Commission

(Dwight Meyer) I’m Dwight Myer, I live southwest of Hiawatha, Kansas, I’ve served on the Kansan Soybean Association Board for the past 10 years. Today I came so I could explain to the producers here the differences between the Commission and the Association. The Association is an advocate for soybean farmers, farmers, and for agriculture in general. I was able to explain some of the different points, as far as what we are trying to do to let our state Legislators know that we want to continue Kansas as a livestock friendly state. We also want to make sure that they’re aware that we would like to continue sales tax exemptions. We’re also concerned about the areas of property taxes. I explained that to these farmers here. We also discussed that the more members we have, the more crops we have, therefore we’re always trying to get new members. We also explained some of the educational projects that we have. Our Emerging Leaders Academy, and also how we select someone to be a DuPont Young Leader, which is actually a national program. (Jerry Jeschke) Well, it’s always good to get together with other farmers whether it’s locally or on a national basis. You get together and talk and are able to ask questions of our researchers and what they’re doing with their Checkoff dollars because these people need to know where their dollars are being spent. Interact with them and find out what’s going on in their area because a lot of us, we have the same problems no matter where we are. When we pick up on these ideas where they’re having problems that gives us a clue to what we should be funding next time around when we go through our funding process. We want to be effective with our Checkoff dollars, and this is just one way we could find out more about it with farmers when we’re here and see what Extension’s doing. I think it’s been real success for anyone as these schools have gone on the last three years. (Dwight) Well, we try to get farmers to be members of the Association and we go around to different Field Days. We’ve gone to different fairs, farm shows, in order to explain to farmers what we actually do and what our Association does. We’ve also used word of mouth, telephone calling, done other projects as far as trying to get some these young leaders involved. In doing so, that’s how we get the word out as to what the Association is doing. (Jerry) You could go to Kansassoybeans.org and it has all the information there it’s got about the Association. We have the same staff for both the Association and the Commission but, of course, they keep their time sheets separate. You can go on there and find these projects we are funding on there. It’s pretty easy; I was just looking at it this morning before I came to the meeting. You can click down there and see all the projects we are currently funding now. The information’s out, there are a lot of people wondering, “Where’s our Checkoff dollars being spent?” You can find it right there. This is just one example you can come to and see for yourself. You can go to the website and get all that information, it’s all there. You can skim down and find what you want. If you got any suggestions just get a hold of one of those commissioners or call the office down there because we want to be wise–make wise use of our Checkoff dollars.

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