Don L. Good Impact Award

Jamie) Good morning and welcome back to Farm Factor at K-State. Let’s join Kyle as he and Bill discuss the Family and Friends Reunion and the Don L. Good Impact Award.
(Kyle) I have the opportunity to visit with Bill Miller about a new event the Animal Science Department has just instituted this year. Bill tell me about it. (Bill) Well Kyle we started a program or an event called the Animal Science Family and Friends Reunion. This was the inaugural event. We intend for this to go on year after year as part of this event. And really part of the stimulus for it was to have a venue to award the Don L. Good Impact Award each year. And so this year, that award went to Dr. Miles McKee, who many in people in Kansas of course, know as one of the leading animal scientists, was one of the leading animal scientists before he retired. A tremendous influence on a lot of our lives. So, this was a great opportunity to do that. (Kyle) Well, let’s talk about the award just a bit. What is the intent of the award? What type of person will be receiving it in the future? (Bill) Well Miles McKee is probably as a good of an example as I can give. Anyone could receive that award. It is really to recognize somebody who’s really had an impact on the livestock industry, not necessarily just in Kansas. Miles has influenced many, many, many students who went on to have great careers all across all segments of the livestock industry. So, we’re looking for someone who really has had an impact on the livestock industry in the United States as a whole. (Kyle) So, this is a new event. Tell me about where it was held. And what sort of things went on at it? (Bill) Well, we have a wonderful facility here at Kansas State now called the Stout Center. And that’s where we held the event. We had a lot of activities planned as part of that event and good attendance. This was the first year ever, so we really didn’t know what to expect. We’re kind of learning as we go. We had musicians there. We had K-State’s Marching Band actually came and performed for us. We had a tent just for kids to come and do tractor pulls and just all kinds of activities for kids. There was an artist who graduated from the Animal Science Department, Dino Cornay did a beautiful rendition of Dr. McKee and Dr. Good. And it was just a wonderful thing that was given to any attendee at this event. And then the first thousand people that registered got a really nice K-State apron as well. So, there was a little bit of something for everyone. This event really was designed to give people that were family or friends of the Animal Science Department a place to come back and renew acquaintances with professors, with classmates, with those in the industry that they’ve met along the way in their lives. And so, it was really designed to be a fun family and friends reunion. (Kyle) This is Kyle Bauer reporting from the Animal Science Department at Kansas State University.
(Jamie) Folks, stay with us as Kyle catches up next with Dr. Ken Odde, Head of the Animal Sciences and Industry Department

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