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(Chris) Hello, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center, down at Equifest and joined by Russ Wiegers, so welcome. (Russ) Well thank you Doc. (Chris) Russ, you’re the owner of Double Bar One Incorporated and it deals with farrier supplies, mainly. (Russ) Right. (Chris) And I think you know as far as the industry and being involved with farriers it’s always amazing the amount of equipment in addition to what needs to be learned and the knowledge aspect the amount of equipment that a farrier kind of keeps either on their truck at all times or has to buy and do some of those. Could you just elaborate a little bit about farrier equipment and what you maybe have here at Double Bar One. (Russ) Well sure. We’re a full line farrier supply store. We specialize in the full time farrier. And even out in western Kansas and being a full time farrier myself I’d seen that there was a need for good farrier tools. And so we started this store about 20 years ago. And we built it up from nothing to what we have now. But it’s amazing in the 20 year time period, the amount of technology and shoes and hammers and the equipment is really top notch. The farrier today is so educated and so craft worthy they require some good work. With the technology, with working with good veterinarians and good schools and stuff, there was a need to have this good equipment and these specialty things. So, that’s what we specialize in the industry is for the specialty type of thing. (Chris) You know and I think something else is, well heck I can go to the family co-op or somewhere else and get some equipment to kind of go over, maybe that’s where my farriers getting things. And there’s a difference I think even in metals and stuff like that, is that true? (Russ) That’s true. You know, there’s so many different specialty shoes and stuff and what… where I come in to being a full-time farrier and try to keep up on my continuous education, I can advise some of the young farriers coming out of schools and stuff and even getting ready to go to schools, the kind of equipment they need to start out with. Maybe not the top of the line, but the middle of the line. With my experience over the years, to learn how to build up their inventories and stuff, because they can get…an average farrier, they will spend at least $20,000 dollars a year, just on product. (Chris) That’s quite amazing. If you start thinking about it just having that kind of product, inventory to just keep track of and could be a little overwhelming and could make it so it’s not very profitable. They have to make sure everything works. (Russ) Exactly. (Chris) And that’s where I kinda fall in as far as being a farrier, to help the guys try to stay in business and maybe advise them. I give them some advice on continuous education and I’m a big part of that part of it too. (Chris) And I think, Russ, that you do a great job as far as mentorships for those in the farrier business and just to be a good person to see and to replicate. You know you’re always at meetings and helping out and have a great store here that really helps a lot of farriers and industry here in Kansas and all over. Where do people go to see your products? (Russ) Well we go to the Equifest and here in a couple of weeks, we’re getting ready to go to Kansas City to the American Farriers Association. That’s the two main things that we have. And then we offer a spring clinic every year. (Chris) OK. (Russ) Actually this year we have the Kansas Farriers Association and the Rocky Mountain Farriers Association. (Chris) OK. (Russ) Coming to… out there in western Kansas, out in the middle of nowhere they’re gonna meet together. We have some of the top farriers in the world come as clinicians. This year we have an old friend and a guy that’s been in the business a long time named Jim Peath coming to do our clinic. (Chris) OK, good. (Russ) So, when we have stuff like that, you know that’s part of giving back, being a farrier I think it’s so important to give back to your industry, especially if you really have it in your heart that you like this cause we do, we work hard at it. A lot of times people don’t realize what it takes and how much work that we do put into this craft. (Chris) Right. Well Russ, I sure appreciate getting to talk to you. (Russ) Thank you. (Chris) And sharing your information. (Russ) And thank you for helping. You’ve been a big part of helping our industry too. So, thank you. (Chris) Well, whatever helps the horse right? (Russ) That’s what we’re here for. (Chris) That’s right. Well, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins with Horsin’ Around and we’ll see you around.

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