Double Crop Sunflowers

(Mark) Hi I’m Mark Pettijohn here by Solomon. And we are on our last double crop sunflower field, which was planted July 21st, following 44 bushel wheat crop. We came in and had numerous attempts to plant this field, probably four different times. It was wet. We finally finished it wet. It got good rain after planting, came up good. So, it’s probably our best sunflower field, so we’re harvesting it later than all the rest. It’s last. And much sooner than we normally do. We normally start about now. So, the seasons were kind of different this year. We really had perfect growing conditions. So these sunflowers are New Sun variety, Pioneer 63M91 seed. They are not high oleic. High oleic commands a little higher price this year. And Team Marketing has been taking our New Sun sunflowers at Abilene, but today we are taking them to Bridgeport, Kansas. And as you can see he’s coming towards us. And it’s probably making around 1,500 pounds per acre, give or take. It has a 1034 starter fertilizer put down with a planter. And then we came in after the flowers were about a foot tall or less and put 75 units of nitrogen along side the rows. This field will be soybeans in 2016. We do like the sunflowers because when you pull these stocks up, they’ve not only got massive root structure but it’s actually quite damp right now, we’ve had an inch of rain lately. So, I’m gonna come in here this afternoon and spray it and get it ready for next season and hopefully it’s a nice crop of soybeans next year.

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