Doug Shoup and Good Soybean Weed Control

(Doug Shoup) I’m Doug Shoup, the southeast area Extension Agronomist for Kansas State University and today we’re in Highland, Kansas. We’re here today to talk to producers about good soybean practices and I spent the day talking about herbicide resistance and good weed control in soybeans. For the last 10 years or so in eastern Kansas that weed management is that much bigger of an issue for producers. It’s starting to become a pretty significant cost in their operating budget. One of the exciting things that we have out this year is the approval of Dicamba-tolerant soybeans and so there’s a new tool for producers to use for weed management with the ability to spray Dicamba products, ExtendiMax and Engenia. One of the main issues that we drive home with producers though is that we can’t rely solely on Dicamba for all of our weed control needs. It is a technology that we want to keep in the toolbox for as long as we can and we still have to practice good integrative weed management and with that it becomes important to pay attention to cultural practices like good crop rotation, sequential herbicide applications and the use of pre-emerge residual herbicides in conjunction with Dicamba as a post emergence. So with these schools we try to drive home the importance of using good soybean weed management practices. Things like narrow rows, good crop rotation that we can use alternative herbicide modes of action. The other thing that is important to keep this tool in our toolbox which is Dicamba for post-emergence beans is to use sequential herbicide applications, almost more like on a calendar. We’re unused to that. Where we used to be able to scout and spray weeds when we thought they got tall enough, and with how rapidly these pigweeds grow we really need to get used to spraying on a calendar. And a good residual herbicide is only going to last so long, so multiple herbicide applications are going to be important.

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