Dawn Dawson – Correct Eyes

Dawn) Hey folks, I’m Dawn Dawson with AG am in Kansas with the Horsing Around tip for the day. And last time we visited, I told you about how to get correct hands and showed you a demonstration on that. I’d like to add to that. But if you get correct hands you can make it even better with your horse by getting correct eyes. And what that means is that when you’re riding instead of looking down at your horse’s head, which we all do, it’s very common because we love our horse, they’re pretty, we just like watching them. But it also doesn’t let you get your horse going where you want them to go. So make sure that when you’re riding your horse with correct hands that you’re looking where you want to go with your horse. And that way you get to the point you need to and not just weave around with no real destination. I like kids to put cones out in the arena and ride to the cones so that they can get their eyes working. This one little tip will help you be a better horseman.

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