Dr. Chris Blevins – Horse Care 101

(Chris) Hello, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center here with Horsing Around. We have a special event that’s gonna be coming up in November, November 8th of this year. We’re gonna have Horse Care 101 which is a seminar for horse owners. Horse owners of all ages and realms of their interest are invited to come here to Kansas State Vet School for his seminar. We’re gonna have all kinds of speakers be here. And one would be Julie Goodnight. She is titled the Horse Master on RFD TV. So, she is going to be one of the more nationally known speakers. She’ll talk about horse behavior here at the seminar. And in addition we’re gonna have other clinicians and professionals here. One will talk about equine legality issues. Dennis Fike will come to talk about those. In addition to that we’re going to have a lab in the afternoon, talk about horse and saddle fitting. So, a saddle fitter will be here to speak in a lab in the afternoon too. We’ll have some farriers, from the Kansas Farriers Association speak on how to shoe, trim, balance your horse, the issue with shoes with the horse feet and how important a farrier is for your horse and what you’re doing with your horse on a day to day basis. I’ll be also be speaking there on geriatric dentistry. So, how to get your old horse ready for winter and to sustain them through their more geriatric age. So, I’ll have a talk on that. We have Dr. Randy Robb. He is with a feed company up in Minnesota and will speak on different aspects of equine nutrition. There is gonna be all kinds of other things that will be going on, jam packed day starting in the morning. We’ll have lectures, we’ll eat some lunch, then in the afternoon we have some labs. Also included in the labs is Code 3 which is a large animal emergency response team that goes out and can help you in retracting a horse out of a frozen pond, for example, stuck in the mud, a downed horse in a ravine, so this is what they do and they can give tips on how to handle those situations. All that and more jammed packed in one day, Horse Care 101, November 8th here at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center.

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