Dr. Dan Frese

(Nels) Welcome to AGam in Kansas. We’re here at Oberlin at the Gateway
Center for the 4th Annual Production Animal Consultation PAC Summit
Meeting. We bring producers in, managers, veterinarians, crew leaders to
help educate ’em today and give ’em some valuable information. And today
we’ve got Dr. Dan Frese here with us as one of our presenters. And so with
that Dr. Dan, tell us a little bit about yourself. (Dan) Well, I’m a farm
and feedlot kid from central Nebraska. I went to the University of
Nebraska for my bachelors. I’m a veterinarian of 12 years. And returned
back to K-State four years ago to work on my PhD, which I’m about wrapped
up. (Nels) We’re always glad to get a Nebraskan down to Kansas. You think
so? (Dan) Well, you could use the improvement. (Nels) We could use the
help. So as one of the speakers today, tell us about your topic today.
(Dan) Well today I talked about Fatigued Cattle Syndrome and some of the
events that happened, or can happen with poor cattle handling immediately
prior to loading fat cattle onto a truck prior to shipment and how that
generates. (Nels) With that in mind, as we deal with heat stress and
feeding fat cattle and the potential Fatigued Cattle Syndrome, give us two
or three things that really come to your top of mind quickly in terms for
people that feed cattle something they can manage or better do to help
prevent these sorts of issues that we may see. (Dan) Well with what we saw
in our study, we did a study where we ran cattle and we walked cattle. And
the cattle that walked we didn’t really see any issues with, so I think
that one of the main things that we can bring home is, low stress
handling, use of a lead rider, as we’re moving these animals long
distances from the far end of large yards, to load outs and just making
sure that we handle these cattle in a calm, low stress manner. (Nels) Yea,
minimizing movement of these cattle, especially fat cattle is key and
especially minimizing movement this time of year when it’s summer, and in
the heat of the day. (Dan) It’s hot. (Nels) I agree those are two key
parts. So, with that, coming from Nebraska, down to Kansas are you still
Go Big Red or are you a fan of the best coach in college football, Bill
Snyder? (Dan) Well, I’m a fan of both actually. I’ve got a love for
Nebraska, you grow up in Nebraska, you love Nebraska football. But I’ve
got now, gonna have a couple of degrees from K-State and I’ve spent a good
time in Manhattan and I’ve always enjoyed it and K-State’s got a great
team. (Nels) The best part is we’ve gotten some of his money. With that
thanks to AGam in Kansas and thanks for being a great Kansan.

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