Dr. Dan Moser – Beef Genetics

(Cyndee) What’s the future of genetic evaluation in the beef cattle industry? For Angus breeders, it’s continued expansion in genetic analysis, and development of cutting-edge selection tools. Leading the effort is Angus Genetics Incorporated — the American Angus Association’s engine that drives genetic analysis and development in the beef cattle business — and its newly named AGI president and director of performance programs, Dr. Dan Moser. (Moser) Really the tools that we provide allow for great reduction and risk as producers make decisions that more than ever when you buy a bull based on genomically enhanced EPDs or when you buy semen on an Angus bull with those sort of information, you’re much more likely to get exactly what you asked for. Now it’s the responsibility of the associations to conduct thorough evaluations. To me it makes perfect sense to have it here at the association with AGI … The place here where we do the evaluations, we’re in the best position to enhance those and provide consistency in a way that they’re produced. (Cyndee) Moser began his role September 1st and brings more than 15 years of experience in genetic research and education to the more than 25,000 members of the American Angus Association and their commercial customers. (Moser) The Angus evaluation is so important because Angus does make up a very large share of the overall seedstock in the U.S. As the Angus breed makes genetic improvement, that has a tremendous impact on the commercial herds all over the nation, and so it enhances the production efficiency of our commercial beef herds all over across the country, and certainly the eating experience that our consumers receive when they sit down to a meal. (Cyndee) AGI has a history of innovation and oversees the organization’s genetic research and development efforts, as well as furthering the advancement of genomic-enhanced selection tools and the weekly release of the National Cattle Evaluation. (Moser) In my role in AGI, we’re committed to advancing the science, we want to provide the most objective and most accurate and most consistent genetic evaluations that we can. We want to continue to move the science forward. Because we know that there’s going to be new things come out all the time. Our goal is simply to describe the animals most accurately and most comprehensively as possible so the producers can find the right genetics for their particular production situation and marketing system. (Cyndee) To learn more about Dr. Moser and genetic evaluation tools offered through the American Angus Association and AGI, visit ANGUS.org. I’m Cyndee Campbell.

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