Dr. Fehr – Stretching Your Horse

This is Matt with the Animal Medical Center in Great Bend Kansas with your veterinarian tip on stretching your horse. Just like human athletes are, Equine athletes need to be stretched so they are less likely to pull muscles and have other injuries. What we typically do is we want to warm the horse up first. Get on them, ride them a little bit and get them warmed up, just like as a human athlete you would jog or do some activities to warm up before you stretch. And then our stretching is all going to be within their normal range of motion. So I typically like to pull them back, aim in between their back legs and just kind of pull and hold and release, hold and release. Then bring the leg in front of the horse and again we are going to stay in their normal range of motion, we don’t need to bring this leg clear up to their head. We just hold it out and stretch and place it down. Then we do the same thing with the hind legs.

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