Dr. Jerry Discusses BVD

(Jerry) I’m Jerry Woodruff, a Professional Service Veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica. Really delighted to be part of the producer meeting here for Animal Center Vet Clinic. I’ll be talking to the producers this evening a little bit about Bovine Virus Diarrhea. BVD is a virus disease that affects beef cattle, not only from a respiratory disease standpoint, but also from a reproductive standpoint. The veterinary profession is very adamant in getting animals vaccinated for BVD, very commonly included in our respiratory vaccine protocols. It’s becoming more common in our cow herd vaccinations. Very common to utilize a modified live virus for BVD when we’re vaccinating cows pre-breeding, so that those cows have some immunity and would prevent some of the manifestations of BVD in the cow herd from abortions that are very common with BVD and also the persistent infected BVD calf. We can prevent those very nicely with a BVD vaccination if we get that into the cows at least 30 days pre-breeding. One of the main emphasis that I want the producers to be aware of is that BVD is a very significant disease and particularly one of the new types of BVD out there, the 1b, Type 1b. That particular strain of the virus is very commonly seen in diagnostic lab samples but also in persistently infected BVD calves. What I think producers need to be aware of is this virus has an immunosuppessive effect. By that I mean if the animal is exposed to this virus and doesn’t have protection that virus can depress the animal’s immune system such that other diseases are more likely to occur. That’s a problem in BRD or Bovine Respiratory Disease, pneumonia that producers can often times see.

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