Dr. Jerry Woodruff at NCBA

(Jerry) I’m Jerry Woodruff. I’m a professional service Veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica. I’m here to tell you today about how proud we are as a company to be supporting the Beef Quality Assurance Certification Program. This will be the third year that Boehringer has supported the program. What we are doing now until… through April 15 when you sign up online for Beef Quality Assurance Certification Boehringer Ingelheim will pick up the charge so the certification is free of charge to you. And you can get online to become Beef Quality Assurance Certified by going to bivi-bqa.com. That’s B-I-V-I- bivi-bqa.com. Boehringer Ingelheim is very honored to be associated with the Beef Quality Assurance Initiative. And by going on line to get your beef quality certification Boehringer obviously covers the expense of that for you now through April 15. And when you go online there are a number of modules that you can pick and choose what is applicable to your operation. Those modules are provided by a partner we have at Kansas State University, Dr. Dan Thomson and his Beef Cattle Institute put together some very good modules that you can view and educate yourself online. And it’s a tremendous asset and again Boehringer is very proud of the association we have with Kansas State University and the Beef Cattle Institute. But another point that I think is very important at the NCBA conference, on Friday morning the Beef Quality Assurance Educator of the Year Award will be presented to Dr. Dan Thomson. And I am very honored that I will be the one representing Boehringer Ingelheim presenting that award to Dr. Thomson. He is very deserving of that award and we really appreciate at Boehringer Ingelheim his association with us and his work in the area of beef quality assurance.

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