Dr. Romulo Lollato Announces Upcoming Wheat Events

(Dr. Romulo Lollato) Good morning. I’m Romulo Lollato, Extension Wheat and Forage Specialist with Kansas State University. Today we’re here to talk about some of the upcoming events that are wheat related here in the state of Kansas. As many of you are aware, the months of May and early June is very busy. It’s a very busy time with a lot of Extension events. I want you to make sure that you don’t miss the one that is near or close to you. First event that we’re going to talk about is the Wheat Quality Tour. That’s coming up from May first, until May fourth, starting here in Manhattan, going all the way to Colby, will go down all the way to Wichita, and we wrap up in Manhattan trying to get an estimate of the crop production in Kansas. If you want to sign up for that event, make sure that you visit the wheat quality council website, and you have all the details there. Also, I’d like to talk to you about the many Wheat Block Tours that are coming up. The first block tour that we have is May ninth. From May ninth, all the way to June ninth or so, we have anywhere from three to four events everyday in Kansas. Check with your local Extension agent. We’re also putting on a list; so make sure that you know what events are going on nearby so you can learn about wheat variety, best management practices, fungicide and nutrients as well. Depending on the plot, we are discussing several different things. Most of them are focusing on wheat variety. Make sure that you know and you have access to this list, and visit the plots that are near to you to get a better understanding of what varieties we have out there. Finally, I want to focus most of my time here on the upcoming 2017 In-Depth Wheat Diagnostic School. Historically, this school has been held in Garden City. Last year we held it in Colby, Kansas. This year, we’re innovating and we’re bringing it to Hutchinson, so south central Kansas, north central Oklahoma. If you’re in that part of the state, make sure that you attend that In-Depth school. We have several speakers that are going to be talking and give you hands-on demonstrations of the newest technology in wheat production. We’re going to be discussing wheat growth and development, to really make sure that you understand which management practices should be taken at each stage of development of the wheat crop. We have folks from Oklahoma State coming up. They’re going to be talking about dual-purpose wheat management. If you’re in that situation where you want to harvest wheat for forage and grain, that’s definitely one to be looking for as well. We’re gong to have the disease ID and Control, Weed ID and Control. We’re going to have our breeder discussing some of the new technologies in breeding. Insects, our entomologists are going to be discussing in-depth insect control on wheat. We’re going to have precision agriculture being discussed as well., the use of drones or UAVs in wheat production. We’re also going to have the folks from Kansas Wheat Commission discussing their Wheat Innovation Center and how the dollars are being used to support research. Make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the 2017 In-Depth Wheat Diagnostic School. We’re going to be offering CCA, CEU credits as well as Crop Production Credits, Pest Management and 1A, Nutrient Management, and Soil and Water Management as well. Make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity. If you are a Certified Crop Adviser and you’re needing credits as well, make sure you register in the website that you have. If you’re wanting more information about the upcoming Wheat Quality Tour, all the Plot Tours that we have throughout the state, as well as the 2017 In-Depth Wheat Diagnostic School, make sure that you check my Twitter account, that’s @KSUWheat, or our Facebook page, that is @KStateWheat. All the information is going to be provided there. We have a list with all the Variety Plot Tours that is available and the In-Depth Diagnostic School as well. The link is there for you to register and make sure you attend this great opportunity for some hands-on in-depth learning about wheat production.

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