Dragon Line

Monty) Hi I’m Monty Teeter and I’m very happy to be here at the Governor’s Conference this year. We displayed here last year as a new sponsor. And this year we’re a sponsor of the conference. And our purpose at our business, Teeter Irrigation/Dragon-Line, is making every drop of water count. I’ve been in business almost 40 years in the irrigation business in southwest Kansas and eastern Colorado, with nine locations around the area. And our whole livelihood revolves around the benefit of the use of water and how we use that water. And over the period of time our aquifers have shrunk and declined in the amount that we have to use and all of our livelihoods in southwest Kansas depend on water. And so I’ve actually through this technology of drip irrigation been involved almost 25 years and in the pivot business almost 40 years. We knew a benefit of drip irrigation that was hard to apply it to the principles of pivot irrigation. And with new development of some of the products that Netafim has made, they make a new emitter that is pressure compensating. And with this pressure compensating we can apply water uniformly throughout a system not dependent on varying the water pressure because of the pressure compensating emitter, the pressure stays constant in the system. So, that allows us to be very efficient with the use and application and distribution of water. With that said, the product was developed about seven years ago, the new emitter it took four years to get it made. And then it took me a year to try to talk to farmers about using it. After that period of time most of the questions were how does it work? Can it work in corn? Where will it work? And I didn’t know those answers so I actually have spent almost a million dollars buying a farm, developing the product, just so we take those questions away from the farmer before they’re asked to me. We can answer those in an objective way and a correct way. So, we spent the last three years developing this product and without a doubt we believe that we can save 20 to 50 percent use of the water in a more effective way. And we can bank the water and save that water to produce more yield for the grower. So, we are real excited about what we have. We call it Dragon-Line. The lines drag across the surface of the soil thus the name Dragon-Line. And we deliver the water instead of in the air or on the plant leaves or creating issues, we deliver it directly on the soil where its taken up by the soil to the plant, rather than losing to evaporation. So, we pick up more use of that water than any type of irrigation from the surface. We have a website called www.dragonline.net and that D-R-A-G-O-N-L-I-N-E, like the animal dragon. So just go to our website we have a four minute video that tells about Dragon-Line and what it is and how it works. And then there’s some research tabs that you can click on to show why it works. So, with that just click on to our website and there’s phone numbers and distribution centers all around the United States. If you’re an irrigator, just contact your local pivot dealer and he can get the product for you.

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