Economics and Quality Drive the Cattle Business

(Tokach) Our job as seedstock producers is to multiply the better genetics, the superior genetics and pass them on to our consumers. (Jena) Economic signals are the main driver, but the Tokach family knows their decisions impact everyone in the beef chain. It’s a burden they don’t take lightly. (Tokach) Hopefully we’re all in the business to make a dollar but at the same time we’re producing a quality product, we hope we can sell it at a premium and hopefully we can get some of that premium back here at the ranch. But it’s a team. It’s really a team that all comes together. We’re all trying to produce the best product out there. (Jena) Even during the high beef prices of 2015, shoppers and diners turned to high-quality beef. That’s a sign, Tokach says. (Tokach) Certainly you’ve seen the different differentiations on what the consumer is willing to spend and I think it’s kind of surprising how much they are willing to spend on a higher-quality product and you’re seeing that better cattle are receiving a premium now and I sincerely believe they will receive more of a premium. (Jena) The rancher focuses on that predication as he looks to the future. (Tokach) I always say if you’re not growing or expanding you’re going backwards so our intention is to do that. Every year we try to make our cattle better and we certainly have that goal that we’re going to continue to make them better all the time. (Jena) I’m Jena McRell.

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