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(Corey Orava) I’m Dr. Corey Orava, veterinarian with Enso Discoveries and I’m the chairman of this first annual Kansas Veterinary Regenerative Symposium. This Symposium was the brainchild of — actually — Governor Brownback over a year ago. He was on a visit to a human clinic, which is the Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center, and they got to talking about veterinary applications. Well, with the Vet School in Manhattan, he thought it would be a great idea to have a Regenerative Medicine Conference here. (Lynne Hinrichsen) Kansas is one of the destination places, from Manhattan to Columbia, for the Animal Health Corridor. So, there’s a lot of research and innovative technology going on throughout that corridor as well as the state. And so, our involvement with the K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab as well as the Kansas Regenerative Medicine Clinics came together so that we could put this symposium together for the veterinarians. (Corey) Initially, the university was taking over, but unfortunately, it didn’t really go very far and the project was almost dead and at the eleventh hour we were called in and we said, You know what? We think there’s still time to pull this off. So, we put an organizing committee together. There’s eight people on it. We had Lynne and Kerry from the Kansas Department of Agriculture. We had John and Ken from the Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center. Then we had doctors Gary Anderson and Charan Ganta from K-State University and then, myself and Pat Farley from Enso Discoveries. (Lynne) We are very excited to have it here in Manhattan which is also home for the Kansas Department of Agriculture. And our partnerships with K-State also led into this symposium. We’ve had a great turnout for veterinarians to come to Manhattan and experience this conference. Also we’ll be kicking off with a welcome from Coach Snyder. (Corey) This conference was put together in pretty much record time and I’d have to say we’re really satisfied. First of all with the quality of speakers, we have absolutely some of the top names in the industry speaking today. But also the reception we got from veterinarians throughout the Midwest — most people don’t know — this is actually the first Veterinary Regenerative Medicine Conference anywhere to take place in the Midwest and so really excited about it. (Lynne) This is the inaugural year for the Kansas Veterinary Regenerative Symposium. We hope to continue this with the participation level we see this year as well as the interest that veterinarians who have called saying they would have come if they didn’t have a conflict at this point. So, we plan on making this an annual event. It will more than likely stay the first part of June. We may tie it in with a different conference to hopefully get more bang for a person’s registration buck and, hopefully, we will continue this in years to come.

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