EPA’s Comment Period for Atrazine

(Sarah Sexton-Bowser) As we are midway through the growing season this year, it’s certainly evident in fields whether or not you’re able to have successful weed control management options or not. And so as we talk about having weed control options in our toolbox, atrazine is first and foremost on our minds, and the importance of the product. Right now EPA has a comment period open and it’s important for us as farmers. When I talk with my husband on how we manage our weeds, atrazine is not only in all of our tank mixes as we look at the importance of the product, but it’s also essential in keeping our costs of controlling weeds down. Approximately $60 would be increased per acre if we lost atrazine as an important tool, not to mention the importance of the efficacy of the product. And so as you also know the importance of atrazine, I encourage you to stand up and take part in the fight to represent and share the importance of this product in agriculture. You can take this opportunity by going to fightepa.com and making a comment. I’ve done it. It’s an easy process. The literacy and the backdrop of all the supporting arguments for atrazine are already put together there for you. You just need to click a button and put your name on, and make sure that you are part of the overall comment to EPA, representing the importance of the product in agriculture. Certainly we know there’s an abundance of general public that just isn’t informed about our daily practices. And so it’s up to us to combat and share our point of view and the importance of the daily stewardship that we use in order to maintain tools such as atrazine in the field.

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