Equifest 2017

(Ernie) Hi friends, welcome back to Better Horses. I’m Ernie Rodina and so excited to be here in, I feel it’s only fitting, it’s one of our first shows that we are going to kick it off like a festival. When I say festival, Equifest 2017, twenty years. I’ve got Anne White, one of the directors of Equifest and it’s just a few weeks away. (Anne White) 32 days to be exact. (Ernie) 32 days? (Anne) Yes. (Ernie) Exciting, this is like the Disneyland of the Horse Fest and everybody, from Kansas, from Missouri, everybody should be here. Tell us what’s going on this year? (Anne) We have so many exciting things going on this year for our 20th anniversary. Of course, our headliner for the clinicians is Chris Cox and we’re always happy to have him come back. We have several other clinicians but we’re also going to party. We’re going to have a dance, a live concert. Very first night, Friday night. Kick it off right. We have lots of entertainment, lots of things going on in the arena all weekend. (Ernie) What I like about it is you made a move a couple of years ago to move it to Topeka. Unbelievable place, they love us up there. It’s clean you don’t catch the Equifest crud after. It’s a clean place and you can stay. A lot of folks have rooms there at the Capital Plaza Hotel, unbelievable. (Anne) We are really excited to be at the Kansas Expocentre. They’ve been great. (Ernie) I feel it’s kind of like the spring break of the horse industry because that’s when everybody gets out. Gets to make new friends, see old friends, they come in groups and just a tremendous group. And right around 15,000 you have will go through those three days and those dates are, what, February 22nd? (Anne) 24th, 25th, and 26th. (Ernie) I guess if they want to come on 22nd they could come help set it up. (Anne) We’ll be there setting up, that’s right. Exactly. (Ernie) 24th, 25th, and 26th at the Expocentre in Topeka. Great place to be there and Chris Cox is going to draw up. And how about Mustang Maddy? (Anne) I think she’s going to be a real exciting addition to our show this year. She’s young but she’s real energetic. She’s going to bring her zebra and her mustangs and talk to everybody about animal behavior and show us how she trains her animals to do all kinds of really entertaining things. (Ernie) It seems like Equifest always sets the tone for the, kicks off the horse season for 2017 because spring’s just now starting to come on and everything. It’s a great time and you got some really great showcasing of some breeds up there. I can tell right now Kelly Stuart’s going to be working with the saddlebreds. (Anne) We have a lot of, probably 14 different breeds that will be showcased in the arenas and lots of other special demos as well with the mounted shooting, with drill teams. It’s just going to be action-packed in the arenas, but also we have a huge trade show. (Ernie) Trade show and that’s so great, you can shop until you drop. (Anne) Absolutely, you don’t have to be a horse person to find something that you’ll want to buy at Equifest. (Ernie) Really great there. Am I correct, are they having a barrel race there too? (Anne) We aren’t having a competition but we do have a barrel clinician. Paul Humphrey will be there twice a day in the arenas, once a day in the workshop teaching us about barrel horses. (Ernie) Barrel horses and everything else. We’re going to come back after the break and we’re going to talk about a couple other things going on. How about the ranch rodeos, always a big favorite from that standpoint. Trade show, we got all kinds of clinicians, it’s the place to be. We’re going to come back and tell you about what it’s going to cost to be there. Folks, you will not want to miss Equifest 2017. Unbelievable event, unbelievable leader right here. You’ve done a great job getting sponsors and everything from that standpoint, so we’re excited about Equifest. We’re excited that you’re here on Better Horses, which we get to talk about it. We’re going to come back and talk about that. We’ll probably have Rusty lead us out with a little bit of music and let’s hear that, we’ll be on a break. Come back and talk more about Equifest 2017.

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