Chris) Hello and welcome to Horsin’ Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center. Today, joined by Pattie Stalder. (Patty) Hi Chris. (Chris) Pattie is the Director of the Kansas Horse Council here in Kansas. Does great things. We have great things that happen through the Kansas Horse Council, making sure people know about it and the horse industry in this area. And we had the Horse Care 101 Seminar, but also you guys have Equifest which everybody always is looking forward to, usually in February. And so Pattie, when is it and where is it? (Pattie) When it is, is easy. February 26th, 27th and 28th. The last weekend in February, a little bit later than in the past years. So, the last weekend in February. The big thing to remember is, it is no longer in Wichita. We are very, very happy to have our new home with the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka. (Chris) OK. So, if you’re gonna head to Wichita, you’re heading in the wrong location this year. So, it is in Topeka this year. (Pattie) At the Expocentre. (Chris) At the Expocentre, which is a great venue to be at. Most people know where that’s at. However, if they don’t, or want to get more information, where would they get some information about Equifest? (Pattie) Everything you need to know is on their website. It’s equifestofks.com, equifestofks.com. (Chris) Alright, so they have their own website to go through the information. I guess, what are some of the sneak peaks of who’s gonna be there clinician-wise and maybe some other events that are going to be going on this year at Equifest? (Pattie) Well, one of our headliners is Dan James. He’s an Australian with Double Dan Horsemanship. This is the first time we’ve had him here, so we’re really tickled about that. We’re also having Sharon Camarillo back, barrel racer; she’s been with us before and very popular. And Tim McQuay, who is the National Reining Horse Association Champion. And there’s others, there’s a long list. They’re all on the website, but those are the top three headliners right now. (Chris) That is great. And what else is going to be going on, other than the clinicians and them listening and learning from these and these different demos, what else is going on at Equifest this year? (Pattie) Well, we’ll have our Ranch Rodeo. We have to have that. It will be Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. We also have a whole new area that we can use because we’re at the Expocentre and so some of those other spaces, additional spaces will be used for art exhibits, an art show, equine art show, looking at a fashion show, and of course we’ll have our educational seminar area. So, we’ll have different spaces, additional spaces and of course, 150 vendors or more. And really cool this year is food trucks. We’re gonna have a variety of food. No longer standing in long lines. We’ll have lots of concessions inside, but also food trucks outside. (Chris) That is gonna be neat. (Pattie) It’s cool. (Chris) I think that that’s something that if you haven’t been to Equifest in the past, it’s always a neat atmosphere, you always take away something and even products while you’re thereā€¦ (Pattie) Yes, yes, definitely. (Chris) …with all the vendors. But it’s just a great, great place for kids, adults alike. There’s stuff to do for everybody, so always encourage people if you haven’t been to Equifest, sure make sure you make it. And it was a little further away in Wichita, and don’t have an excuse, cause now we’re in Topeka. So, that’s gonna be really great. (Pattie) Right, that’s right. (Chris) And then, yea again don’t forget. Let’s give ’em that website again that they can go to and that should work. (Pattie) It’s equifestofks.com. (Chris) Alright, well there you have it. Thank you Pattie for your help today. (Pattie) Thank you Chris. (Chris) I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Health Center, and we’ll see you around.

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