Eric Adee – Ottawa Field Day

(Eric) I’m Eric Adee, I manage the research farm here at east central Kansas, near Ottawa. I also manage the research farm at Kansas River Valley up near Rossville and Topeka. And we do a lot of different experiments ranging from basic fertility questions to weed control, to insect disease questions and a lot of crop projection questions, planting dates, populations, row spacing. We’re trying to answer any questions the farmer may have. We’re kind of a non-biased source of information and we can take risks with new technologies or different techniques just so farmers don’t have to invest a lot of money to take the risk. So, that’s mainly our mission here is trying to answer questions. I do have experiments at the Kansas River Valley working specifically on soybean sudden death syndrome which is a major problem in the river valley. We have a problem if we irrigate we can promote SDS, but if we don’t irrigate we don’t raise soybeans. So, we’re trying to sort that out on the irrigation management and also how to deal with those problems. So, we’re getting funding from the Soybean Marketing Board to help with that and have good cooperation with researchers from campus. We’ve also been involved in drought tolerant corn studies, again looking at water management and looking at several different sites around the state and we’ve kind of pulled all this data together, giving farmers an idea of where they can really benefit from drought tolerant hybrids. That would be primarily in lower yielding environments generally under 170 bushel or in environments where you have high evapo transporation rates. And if you have water to keep up with the water needs of the corn these drought tolerant hybrids generally are more water efficient. Turning inches of water into bushels of grain is what we’re looking at. We do all kinds of data like that, studies like that trying to answer farmers questions trying to help them fine tune and make good investments with the resources and their time and land management. We cover everything. I work with extension agents. I work with professors on campus. I work with a lot of grad students. I work with private companies, especially if they have products that are of interest to our farmers in our area. And we try to generate data and get a first look at some of these industry’s products, so we can give the farmers a heads up- here is something that can help, or maybe we tell them, no we’re not really seeing a real advantage to that. Again, we’re a non-biased source of information. We try with our resources, trying to answer the farmer’s questions We are available several different ways. We have a web site. Go to the agronomy web page and go to research centers and get to either the research fields, we have our contact information in there, our phone numbers and email addresses. It’s probably the best way to get ahold of us. Our phone number at Kansas River Valley office, where I’m at most of the time is 785-354-7236. And Jim Kimble is the technician full time here and he can answer a lot of questions as well. Thank you.

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