Ernie Rodina and Paula Pray

(Ernie) Hello friends, I’m Ernie Rodina and welcome to AG am in Kansas to the Horsing Around segment. I am here at the American Royal, 2014 American Royal. Great Event. And I’m down here with with a great trainer, coach, teacher, judge and just a force to reckon with and that’s Paula Pray. Paula, welcome to AG am in Kansas Horsing Around. (Paula) Thank you for having me. (Ernie) How important is it, this American Royal Show? It’s pretty good for all your… (Paula) You know I grew up in this area. I’m from Lawrence originally. The American Royal has always had some mystic to it. And if people knew nothing else, if you told them you rode horses they always said, “Do you show at the American Royal?” (Ernie) It means a lot. (Paula) So, it’s an important show. t’s got a lot of history attached to it. (Ernie) Now your forte is AQHA Hunter/Jumper. (Paula) Correct. (Ernie) For our viewers out there, explain a little bit about what that is. (Paula) Well, it is obviously horses that jump. The hunter is more of an aesthetic class than the jumpers. The jumpers… you might see on ESPN their height and speed. The hunters would be more like figure skating. Are they pretty between the jumps? Do they jump well? Everything needs to be smooth. (Ernie) And this is a… you’ve been involved in this for a few years. (Paula) For a lot of years. (Ernie) And now for our viewers out there. A passion has been unleashed in Paula Pray. And let’s talk about it…the cow horse. (Paula) The cow horse. I bought my first cow horse last October. I love it. I’m not great at it. It is probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I was not born and raised having cattle around and so just being able to learn to read cows, that’s half the battle at least… (Ernie) How about your coach? (Paula) Brand Lund. (Ernie) He’s good, isn’t he? (Paula) He’s fabulous. He does not give me any slack. And we have a really good time. He is phenomenal. (Ernie) Well, they think the world of you down there and it’s so great when they first told me you were doing cow horses… and you’ve got a beautiful horse. (Paula) I was really lucky. I have a nice horse. (Ernie) And so what’s the thrill about the cow horse? Your number one theory, you’ve got the herd work, and you’ve got the… (Paula) And your dry work and your cow work. For me, I’ve always been a little bit of an adrenalin junkie. And so it’s also just a nice break from the reality of my life. So, I really love running down the fence. I love it. (Ernie) Well, good deal. Well, you do a great job with it. Great to have you on part of that and everything. How do you feel like the general health of the horse shows are going? (Paula) You know, they’re doing alright. There’s definitely been some waning in the amount of people that are showing with the economy kind of tanking a little bit. And everything costs money. We need some more youth exhibitors. There aren’t as many kids showing. (Ernie) Get ’em away from them X-Boxes. (Paula) Absolutely. And so without your youth coming up through the ranks, then everything else is kind of limited. (Ernie) Well, we really appreciate you being part of AGam in Kansas Horsing Around. You are a tremendous cornerstone in the equine community. Thank you so much. (Paula) Thank you so much and folks don’t forget to tune in to AGam in Kansas, Horsing Around and also listen to Better Horses Radio Show at to find an affiliate next to you.

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