(Jamie) Good morning and welcome back to Farm Factor. First Richard Childress discusses his support for ethanol.
(Richard) I think the whole key to it goes back to when I met with Tom Bison. We put together a deal to put American ethanol on the car. Even before that we did the testing on our racing fuels and we run E-15, Sunoco E-15 in our race cars today. We did a lot of the testing. To do that we tested our way up to E-30 and E-30 worked just as well. These engines they’ll turn up to 9,500 RPMs. They’ll run solid for three and a half or four hours at a time. And if they’ll withstand that, they’ll withstand you running your family back and forth. And you know all the fuels today, most of our fuels today have E-10 in it. And we’re trying to put out new blending pumps that you can blend up to your desire. But E-15 is a great blend. We started running in our cars E-15 corn ethanol back in 2011. And as of today we’ve put over 8 million miles on these race cars without one single fuel failure. Anytime we have change in NASCAR, everybody wonders what’s going to happen? What’s the next thing? Is this gonna be bad? Or is this gonna be good? And as we did the work and our homework, it’s no different when we went from leaded fuels to unleaded fuels and now we have an E-15 blend. And some day pretty soon, maybe we’ll get E-30. So when NASCAR makes another engine change, which they’re talking about it, it may be three years down the road, we will be… we will probably change the blend and go up higher. I don’t know if we go fully to 30. This year IMSA is running E-20 in all of their cars. There’s been over 26 million dollars in just media exposure alone with TV, which is big. That’s a big hit and the fans, when the fans can see and understand. NASCAR has the greatest loyal following. We’ve got 75 million race fans. They get to know that we’re running E-15 corn ethanol. Austin Dillon’s car has E-15, 15 percent ethanol right on the hood. And that’s a good story to tell. When you sit and explain that with corn ethanol we only use one-third of that kernel, the starch out of it. And the rest of it goes to brewer’s grain, or distiller’s grain however you’d want to call it. And then that’s fed to cattle and pork. And there’s a lot of myths out there about ethanol and we try to change those myths and let people know the great benefits and what it does for our country, not depending on foreign oil. The economic impact it has. The emission is so much better, so a lot of great things for ethanol. You know I’m a guy that loves America. I’m a guy that wants to see my grandchildren, my great grandchildren have a lot of the opportunities that I had in this great country. America has so many natural resources for us to enjoy, from the mountains to the oceans to the plains. And I just want to see the younger generation enjoy it as I did. And it just makes me feel good to know that it’s something that we’re doing right for America and the American farmer, so that’s how we got involved in it.
(Jamie) Folks, stay with us as Duane catches up with Scott Zaremba, President of Zarco USA.

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