Extreme Cowboy Race Association

(Lee) Hi my name is Lee Hart with Cowboy Logic Horsemanship in Topeka, Kansas. Today I’m here to talk to you about the EXCA, otherwise known as the Extreme Cowboy Race Association, and how you can get out there and get involved with it. This is a sport that Craig Cameron introduced to the public several years ago and it entails speed with precision and it is really good for the horses to help build confidence and to help the riders to gain new skills. Don’t let the name Extreme Cowboy Race Association intimidate you. These classes are designed for each level of rider and so are the obstacles. And they’re normal obstacles like you’ll see in your normal trail classes. We’re not asking you to jump off any big cliffs, we’re only asking you to ride as fast as you’re comfortable riding, and you’ll be very competitive at doing what you are comfortable doing. It’s a wonderful organization and like I said, don’t let the name intimidate you, because it is for everyone. They divide them up into age classes. There’s six different classes that you can participate in, and it doesn’t matter how seasoned your horse is or how green a rider you are, there’s a class that will fit you. And everyone is welcome, all breeds of horses, all levels of riders. It’s separated in two different categories, one’s horsemanship and one’s obstacles and then there’s also a time element involved. So, you’re not just going out there and running through things as fast as you can, you also have to do them with speed and precision. And each class you know, bumps up a notch. So, just because you’re a novice level rider you won’t have to go run your horse all out. But as you bump up each class you’ll have to go just a little faster. One of the big incentives to compete at the UHCA and the EXCA shows is at the end of the year, usually the last weekend in October, you can qualify for the EXCA World Finals. The top 60 percent of everybody in the nation, including Europe and Hawaii and several other areas, get a chance to go there and compete. It’s a wonderful deal. There were over 200 riders at the World Finals this year and it pays lots of money to each division. So, if I’ve peaked your interest in the EXCA, you can go to our local organization, which is uhca.com, the Ultimate Horseman’s Challenge Association, or you can go on to the EXCA website. You’re welcome to look me up on Facebook, Lee Hart Training. Or look in your local area and see, look for a professional and see if you can find someone who will help you out. It’s a wonderful sport and we encourage and help each and everyone that’s interested in doing it. It’s the fastest growing equine sport out there and it is one of the most family oriented things I have ever been a part of.

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