Farm Bureau Update with John Schlageck

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor and this week’s Kansas Farm Bureau Update.
(John Schlageck) They harvested one of the best wheat crops ever and they’ve got livestock out there, and yet commodity prices are in the tank. People aren’t making money and as we went through Phillipsburg in northwest Kansas, that was evident with what we heard from some of the people with the newspapers, that times are hard out there for the communities. Because in the communities their livelihoods are based on what’s happening with the farm and ranch community too. One of the biggest challenges is what out there, Jeff? (Jeff Grossenbacher) Survival, right now, we heard it at Phillipsburg, Beloit, Stockton, every one of the newspaper people ask us what farmers are going to do. They had record wheat harvest. They were feeling really good about it and now the commodity isn’t worth very much. The farmers and ranchers input costs are still extremely high. They really aren’t going to make money on it and there’s a lot of stress. They’re facing a pretty good fall harvest. Not sure where they’re going to store it all. Corn, soybean, and grain sorghum prices aren’t very good either. Seeing whether these farmers will survive will be a challenge.
(Jamie) Come back after the break for Kyle and Wes Perry, with Great Lakes Dredge and Dock.

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