Farm Bureau Update with the Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor and the Kansas Farm Bureau Update.
(Announcer) The American Farm Bureau’s Rural Entrepreneurship challenge is helping rural startups across the country. (Jessica Wharton) The American Farm Bureau’s 2016 Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge boosts local business in rural communities with startup funds, professional guidance and publicity. Farm Bureau Rural Development Director Lisa Benson says the challenge also helps build small towns across the country. The program application period opens May 1, 2016. (Lisa) The goal of the challenge is really to highlight innovation in rural communities. We found through research that one of the best ways to jumpstart a rural community, to help it get on its feet, is having good businesses that hire a lot of people and increase that tax base, so when companies are growing, also those communities are growing. (Jessica) Farm Bureau has structured the application process to enhance and clarify business plans so that all participants benefit whether they win an award or not. (Lisa) The idea is that hopefully as they’re going through the application process, they’ll learn more about the idea, they’ll be able to really flesh out the idea. Our goal is to help them get a stronger business plan. (Jessica) Benson says the challenge is open to all types of agribusinesses, from production ag to ag tech and breweries. (Lisa) So we’re really open to all kinds of businesses across the supply chain and we’re excited to see what this year’s crop of innovation comes up with. (Jessica) For more information of the Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge, visit Jessica Wharton, Washington.
(Jamie) Hope you enjoyed this week’s Kansas Farm Bureau Update. Coming up next, learn how putting quality protein on America’s tables requires teamwork at all levels of production.

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