Farm Food Tour

Jancey) Hi, I’m Jancey Hall and I’m here with the Kansas Soybean Commission. (Sheridan) And I’m Sheridan Wimmer and I’m with Kansas Farm Bureau. (Jancey) And we’re really excited to be here. This is actually our last day of the Farm Food Tour. We’ve been traveling across Kansas as a part of…to learn more about the agriculture industry across Kansas. This opportunity was kind of made possible, the United Soybean Board has an Animal Ag Grant that is focused on targeting consumers and influencers to educate them about agriculture, specifically animal agriculture. So, we are really excited just to have this opportunity with seven really awesome bloggers and influencers and to travel to the diverse parts of our state and the diverse industry that we have. (Sheridan) That’s right and Kansas Farm Bureau is very appreciative of the opportunity that we get from Kansas Soybean and the United Soybean Board to offer this trip to influencers and especially bloggers. Cause bloggers we know are the people who their friends trust. So, that’s something that we really focus on in this trip is making sure that those bloggers who have an influence understand a little bit more about agriculture and where their food comes from. (Jancey) Yea definitely. A huge thing, as people are becoming further and further removed from the farm and there is such a low percentage of our population involved in production agriculture, I think the common theme when you talk with the girls that we took on this trip was that there’s so much misunderstanding and so much misrepresentation of agriculture in the media. They saw so many things that they didn’t really expect. And the awesome thing is, is that these ladies are really well respected in their industry. They’re very diverse, have different interests and their blogs represent that, they’re a very diverse groups of ladies. And so it was really awesome because their followers and their friends connect with them and they trust them as a source for information. And so it was really cool to sit, engage on that and hear their questions and even their follower’s questions. (Sheridan) Absolutely Jancey. And one opportunity that we took advantage of this year was to invite Debbie Lyons-Blythe who is a cattle producer in Kansas along with us on the trip. So, she was there to answer all of those questions that we had while we were on the bus, because we went from Kansas City to Colby. So, all the extra time that we had on the bus, Debbie Lyons-Blythe was there to answer any questions that maybe Jancey and I didn’t have necessarily a part in, that Debbie does. So, that was a great opportunity to have her on the trip with us. (Jancey) And the really cool thing is, I think Sheridan does a great job representing industry, and there’s so many people in our rules, but at the end of the day, we’re not in the industry every day we’re not the producers, we’re not… (Sheridan) Boots on the ground. (Jancey) We’re the one giving to communicate. We both love our jobs and the honor we have representing our farmers and ranchers, so being able to visit with them, making the connection, seeing them making the connection with the farmers and the connection in the relationship with Debbie on the bus…I’m sorry if you spend three days on a bus with somebody, you’re going to become great friends. And that’s just kind of the really cool thing. There’s so much connection and networking made on the bus; that’s been really great. (Sheridan) Yea, I agree with that and you know, not only have they learned a little bit more about agriculture, but they learned a little bit about each other and the blogging world and social media. So, that’s another opportunity that they’ve had on the bus and getting to know each other.

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