Farm Food Tour

(Meagan) I’m Megan from Kansas Farm Bureau and we are here with some of our good friends from pork and soybean and we’re going to talk about a great tour that we just wrapped up. (Jodi) And I’m Jodi Oleen with Kansas Pork Association, and we’re here to visit about this amazing Farm Food Tour that we go on. (Jancey) And I am Jancey with the Kansas Soybean Commission and we’re really excited to share with you all the stops we did and all the things we did with our bloggers and dietitians. (Meagan) So we have taken some of these bloggers on the Farm Food Tour the first round last year where we went clear across Kansas and we met face-to-face with farmers ranging from pork, dairies, crops, sorghum and basil. And so they got to meet and ask any questions they had and connect directly with those farmers. (Jancey) As a follow up to that event we spent a day at K-State with those bloggers and kind of some of the science behind that. So we met and talked about antibiotics use in animals, the food science, meat science, all sorts of different things, just spending the day at K-State. We still felt like, and they still felt like they wanted more information. They had more questions, they wanted more information, so that’s kind of how this was born. We asked them if they would be interested in traveling to Monsanto and they said yes, that would be awesome. So, that’s how this was born and we built a trip around that. (Meagan) Yes, and we said, hey do you want to spend three more days with us? And they said yes, and we said alright. And we know that our friend Jodi here had worked with dietician. She’s got great connections with dietitian in the state and so when we were sitting down talking about how this trip might work we said, wouldn’t it be a lot of fun if we got those two groups together? They’re similar, but they do different things, but once it all comes down to food and what’s the best food and they all have the same questions. So, we looped Jodi in and started building the tour. (Jodi) Well I think solving misconceptions today in agriculture is a big part of what these tours do. And a trip to Monsanto really puts you in the fire for many of those hot topics-genetic modification, talking about tough topics, societal impacts of genetic modification, what that has on our country and other countries. All those things are things that we think about every day as food shoppers interested in food. So when we combine both dietitians with bloggers, again those folks who really think about where their food comes from every day and you put them on this tour, you get an amazing breadth of questions and answers and connections made. And that’s really what we’ve been able to accomplish through these tours is connections, relationships and information transfer in a way that maybe doesn’t get done in food otherwise.Segment 1

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