Farm Shows, Soybean Expo and Farm Bill Meetings

Happy New Year, today we wanted to take this opportunity to get folks ready for many events coming up this quarter. This is probably a refresher for some of you, but the upcoming weeks and months are chocked full of opportunities to network and learn all sorts of things about agriculture. We wanted to make sure to remind you about the Topeka Farm Show coming up on January 6th, 7th and 8th at the Kansas ExpoCentre. It offers five hundred and fifty booths and many attractions for farmers, ranchers and horseman alike you won’t want to miss it. And for those Soybean Farmers out there make sure to get signed up for the Kansas Soybean Expo on Wednesday, January 7th at Manor Conference Center right next door to the Farm Show. If you live in Western Kansas and can’t make it to Topeka, don’t worry you have the Garden City Farm and Ranch show January 22nd-24th at the Finney County Expo buildings…Free Admission and Free Lunch Available to the first 500 visitors! In addition to Farm shows, K-State Research and Extension is out in full force around the state of Kansas with a variety of learning opportunities. So for the remainder of the morning we’ll hear from the organizers of some of the these events. First up Mykel Taylor with the Department of Agricultural Economics. (Mykel) This is a reminder that if you are a farmer or an ag land owner and haven’t signed up yet for any of the 2014 Farm Bill programs with FSA that you still have a chance to hear about the different programs and what some of the implications are for economics and the outlook for the ag economy. We are going to be coming across the state in January and February for 15 different Farm Bill meetings. That’s Art Barnaby and myself, Michael Taylor, as well as a representative from FSA will be at every one of the meetings. We hope that there’s one within a couple miles of you because we’re trying to get out and make contact with as many producers and landowners as possible. If you are looking for one of these locations and a date as well as our sponsor information, you can go to That’s That’s our primary website for the Ag/Econ Department and there you will find a full list of all of the locations and dates and again with all of our sponsors and hopefully we will see you sometime in either January or February to discuss the 2014 Farm Bill. Each meeting is about a three and half hour session. We’re going to start with a half hour registration and then Art Barnaby is going to talk for about an hour and a half about the different programs and some of their details. And then I’ll take about an hour to discuss a spreadsheet that we have put together with Oklahoma University that will help you make some decisions based on your specific farm’s numbers. And then we’ll wrap up the session with some questions and answers with our local FSA representative. So as I said, each session will last for about three and a half hours and we’ll give you as much information as we can.

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