Farm Succession Planning Meetings

(Forrest) We are putting on some conferences across the state in association with a grant that we received from the United States Department of Agriculture, Extension Risk Management Education Center, out of Lincoln, Nebraska. They are called Farm and Ranch Succession Planning Conferences. It is important and we’ve seen a tremendous need over the last few years for farmers and ranchers who are in the process, or who are starting to think about the succession planning process for their own operation. And these conferences are designed to give folks an overall idea of what that process is, the segments involved and to have some folks with some expertise give them some idea on how to approach it and how to do it properly and successfully. We are working with Dr. Greg Hagley, who is the Extension Assistant to Research and Extension and he is kind of the lead on this grant that we have. Our agenda for the conference is to first start out with an overview of the succession planning process. We will then move into one of the key things that’s important that sometimes families forget about, and that’s the importance of communication. We will also have a farm and ranch family over the lunch hour that will kind of give a perspective on what they’ve experienced as part of this process. In the afternoon we will talk about financial and feasibility assistance. We will then move into kind of transfer of power issues. Whenever it is necessary to transfer the management of the operation down to the younger generation, what are some of the things that you need to think about in that process? And finally we will end up with an estate planning attorney with expertise in working with farm and ranch families over the years that will give some legal aspects that will give families the ideas they need to successfully implement and make sure that legally it is set up properly. So, that’s kind of an overall agenda for the program. Janel, you might give us some ideas where these are gonna be and what all is involved. (Janel) Definitely. Well, we kick off these Succession Planning Conferences in Iola on January 5th and we will remind everybody that they are day long conferences. We will begin promptly at 9 a.m. and go until about 4:30 p.m. with lunch and snacks provided throughout the day. Our second conference will take place in Pratt at Pratt County Community College. And we’ll go, the Pratt one is on January 10th, but we will go from there on January 16th in Manhattan at Kansas Farm Bureau Plaza. And then on January 17th at Flint Hills Technical College in Emporia. Our final conference will be March 3rd out in Hays at the K-State Agricultural Research Center. You can sign up for these conferences, you can register for them on line. We have a website that gives you more information about them. It is ksre.ksu. edu/ kams. So, you can register online. You can also register by phone. You can call that number- it is 1-800-432- 8222. And we will mention that because of the holidays, our conference services will be closed, but you can still register by calling and leaving a message and we’ll just make sure we get you all set up to attend these conferences. (Forrest) One other thing I might mention is that these conferences are a very integral part of what the extension service does in various areas and partnering with extension agents, several surrounding counties, where ever these conferences are held to help us in this process. And so they have been instrumental in setting these up and working with the logistics of it. So, we want to make sure that folks know that it is indeed part of K-State Research and Extension.

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