Gallaher Equine Training Center

(Ernie) Hello friends I’m Ernie Rodina and I’m Dawn Dawson with the Horsing Around segment right here on AGam in Kansas. (Ernie) And we’re out here at the Gallaher Ranch, Dawn. Beautiful place out here. We’ve got one of the best and that’s Sam Gallaher. We’re just located about six miles south of Garnett, Kansas, and I wanted to come out here because this guy, you talk about work ethic, you talk about talent and what he’s getting done, he’s one of the best. Sam, welcome to AGam in Kansas and our Horsing Around segment. Tell us a little bit about your operation. (Sam) Well our operation basically consists of colt starting, training ranch horses, rope horses and we’re starting to specialize in cow horses. (Ernie) The cow horse, this has really grown in the area. Everybody wants to chase a cow and you know you keep getting better and better. You jumped right into these NRCHA shows and how have they helped you? (Sam) The NRCHA is the elite level, it’s the top and the best trainers in the world, so it’s helped me a lot to go there and see what the best in the world are doing. And it’s helped put those tools into my program. (Dawn) You have done really well just jumping into it like you have and getting going with it, some big successes and when you are getting ready to go to one of those events, what do you like to do with the horse to prepare ‘em? (Sam) I think our program consists a lot of what I have done in my past and that’s pretty much being a ranch cowboy. You have to have a cutting horse, a roping horse, and a reining horse combined to make an NRCHA horse. So that is basically what our program revolves around in the first place. And we are just fine-tuning this program, tuning those aspects of it. (Dawn) We’re showing some clips today with you on the flag and that’s one of the training methods you use. What do you get out of that, when you do that? (Sam) The flag really helps that horse relate to just cutting in particular. It takes a special kind of horse, for the fact that you have to cut and then turn around and you chase a cow down the fence. In the cutting you stay drawn back, the horse is playing defense with the cow basically. And down the fence they have to run after that cow and go catch him. And so, it can be hard for that horse to differentiate between the two and that helps with that. (Ernie) We have viewers out here that have got an interest in what your doing right now. What’s some advice you would give them Sam as far as getting that horse introduced to cattle? Some good exercises from that stand point. (Sam) I would get some advice from a trainer that has done it, because there’s so many different ways to introduce your colt to cattle. If you have someone to guide you and help you along the way, it saves a lot of heartache down the road, later on in getting a finished horse. (Dawn) Well, we’re sure impressed with your training processes and the fact that your horses actually do a lot of different things, from the reining to working the flag to live cattle and outside ranch work. It’s amazing. And the effort that you guys put into it. (Ernie) We’d like to have the opportunity to come back and see what you are doing. I know you’ve got some shows coming up, going down the road, and expect big things from Sam Gallaher and the Gallaher Ranch. It was great being here Sam with you at the Gallaher Ranch. I tell you, we love coming out and you folks, might have a place you’d love to see AGam in Kansas. I’m Ernie Rodina (Dawn) and I’m Dawn Dawson with the Horsing Around segment and be sure to listen to Better Horses Radio.

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