Geff Dawson – Cowboy Poetry

(Geff) Hi folks, I’m Geff Dawson, ranch cowboy and Cowboy Poet. And I’ve got a story for you today. You know a cowboy and a horseman I’m one in the same. There ain’t a cow I can’t pin or a horse I can’t tame. I grew up in the old school, but evolved in the new, but in the same business for year’s there’s been few. I’m on the back side of 50 and I’m pondering now, when I reach 70 will I still ride ’em and how? But my blessings have been many, my heartaches have been few. I’ve calved thousands of cows and a baby colt or two. Some mounts have been iffy, some spoiled rotten brats, but they all made a cow horse once we got past our spat. Old timers tell me I was born way too late. New-wavers say my style it’s up for debate. But I’m just myself, I’ve always been that way. I try to do what I think is right, and still listen to what others say. I’ve tried to soak in some knowledge at 50 years or more and tried to be the best; more better than before. But I leave you with this thought, before I say goodbye, in my mind you’ll make a cowboy if all you have is try. God bless you folks.

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