Great Bend Farm & Ranch Expo

(Darren) I just want to thank all of our producers for coming to the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo. We had a tremendous crowd. Three days were action packed. And we can’t put on these kind of events without the support of all of the vendors that come out and all of the volunteers that come and help. And on behalf of my daughter, Tea myself Darren Dale, and Touse Carter Dale, the chairman of the board. We want to tell all the producers thank you for your hard work all year long and everything that you do for the ag industry and the vendors. We want to thank you. This year at Great Bend we had 340 volunteers from the Chamber of Commerce. And to put on an event like this it takes everybody. It takes the vendors, the volunteers, it takes everyone. So I just want to thank the volunteers, you producers and we had a tremendous show and we’ve got the date set for next year. Go to for more information. I always want to thank my corporate sponsors, American Hat Company out of Bowie, Texas. They make the best felt and straw hats. And the Great Bend Co-op, Make sure you patronize those businesses and we appreciate everything that you guys do for us. (Matt) I’m Matt Penka, with the Great Bend Co-op. I’m the grain merchandiser. We have been involved in the Farm Show for the last four years. We’re proud to be one of the corporate sponsors this year at the show. We’ve always had about ten booths out, bring a lot of different suppliers out, anywhere from bulk fuel, to our feed, to our farm supply, fertilizer chemicals here, the seed guys are here. So, the show’s been really good for us, especially in our farm store, in the livestock supply area. We meet a lot of people from all over Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado. That gets our name out. We pass out business cards, and it’s at least a business year around, not only at the show, but it’s a great time to sit down with producers and just visit with them about their needs, their wants. Basically a Co-op is locally owned by its patrons. Based on business and on what you spend with us, to each department, our profits at the end of the year are split back into patronage which returns back into the community. I think this year it was somewhere around $2 1/2 million back, the cash back in our community. Actually our company was designated the Great Bend Chamber Business of the Year award at their annual meeting this year and that’s something we’re very proud of. And being a corporate sponsor I hear it brings a lot of excitement to the town, the hotels fill up, the restaurants are busy, just brings a lot of the vendors in and a lot of the different people from outside our community to show them what Great Bend’s about.

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