Greg with the Peterson Farm Brothers

(Jamie) Good morning and welcome to Farm Factor, I’m your host Jamie Bloom. Let’s join Duane Toews as he visits with the Peterson Farm Brothers about their videos and family farm. First up is Greg, who explains why they used music videos to connect with consumers; and then Nathan shares where the inspiration for their storylines comes from. Next enjoy this week’s Kansas Soybean Update – and then we’re back with Kendal, who talks about being part of a farm family. We’ll end with the Kansas Farm Bureau Update – and a look at the teamwork behind successful cattle operations.

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(Jamie) Welcome to Farm Factor! Let’s join Duane and Greg Peterson and learn why the Peterson Farm Brothers used music videos to advocate for agriculture.
(Duane) (Duane) Duane Toews joining you once again here on AGam in Kansas. Well it’s the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo, a chance to catch up with the Peterson Farm Brothers. Greg Peterson joins us here on the program. Greg, certainly I’m assuming five years ago, you probably didn’t have any idea that you guys and your brothers’ life would be where it is at this point? (Greg) No, we definitely had no idea, and even to this day we’re still surprised with the opportunities and the results that have happened as a result of making that first video four years ago. (Duane) Obviously you guys have a working operation, working farm and ranch that you’ve got and a great story that you have to tell. What inspired you to utilize music and video to be able to tell that story of agriculture to those people that maybe don’t understand? (Greg) Well I was an agriculture communications major and a music minor at K-State, and so I kind of had that background. And then just learning in class about the disconnect that there is between people from bigger cities and farmers. Most people don’t know where their food comes from. So we wanted to make a video that helped to educate our friends what farming was about and where their food came from. So that’s what we did, and everything’s kind of resulted from that. (Duane) To say that it went viral probably is an understatement, and the wave has continued if you will? (Greg) Yes. It’s been incredible. The first video got about five million views in a week. So it was just overwhelmingly viral. Then we’ve continued to make videos and four years later we’re up to over 40 million views on all of our videos put together. (Duane) Obviously when we think about telling that story a lot of people feel inadequate or unable to or really unsure of how to really tell that story of agriculture. You, your brothers, your family really have done a tremendous job. Where’s that inspiration come from? (Greg) I think the inspiration for me just comes from just wanting to correct the misinformation that’s out there about farmers and ranchers. The agriculture community is such a special community, and it’s just something you’re proud of and you want to make sure people understand it the way it’s supposed to be understood and not be inaccurately represented. (Duane) Obviously, it’s almost like a form of education if you will of consumers. (Greg) Yes, we try to strike that balance between entertaining people and getting people to laugh and enjoy our videos but also educating them through our different posts about why farming is important and the truth about farming. (Duane) So five years ago you had no idea you’d be where you’re at today. Have you guys talked about the future; how long you want to continue to try and do this? And does it get in the way if you will of your operation? You got chores to do at home. (Greg) Yes, we do. We don’t necessarily have a five year plan for the next five years. But the goal is, hopefully, all three of us farm together, but we understand that one or two of us may have to have another off farm job to kind of help supplement that. But we’re hoping to continue to make YouTube videos and advocate for agriculture online as much as we can as long as it remains feasible. But we always have to make sure to get all the work on the farm done too. Dad definitely emphasizes that. (Duane) All right. Thanks to Greg Peterson, joining us here at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo. Peterson Brother’s Farm. Peterson Farm Brothers working to tell the story of agriculture to those through YouTube videos and parodies. Jamie, we’ll send it back to you.
(Jamie) Folks, stay with us after the break – Duane will be back with Nathan Peterson.

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