Horse Care 101

(Chris) Hello and welcome to Horsin’ Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins Kansas State University, Veterinary Health Center. Today joined by the Director of Kansas Horse Council, Pattie Stalder. (Pattie) Thanks Chris. (Chris) Well we are just wrapping up with an exciting Horse Care 101 here in November and wow, what a great turnout, had a lot of people here. How many do you think were here at the Horse Care 101 this year? (Pattie) Just a little over 200 and a lot of kids. (Chris) Yea, I was amazed just the amount of adults but the amount of kids that were here. And what did we have this year for the kids that drew ’em? (Pattie) We had over 70 kids registered, and some of those…students I should say, not just kids but students. And some of those were college level. But the younger ones from about eight to probably 12 or 13. I think they spent the whole afternoon over in Weber Arena with the K-State Horseman’s Association doing lots of fun things. I’m not sure what all they had ’em doing, but I think from seeing them before and after those kids with the Horseman’s Association had their hands full. (Chris) Yea I think Kallie Emig did a great job of… (Pattie) Absolutely. (Chris) …getting that organized. It sounded like they were very excited to go out there. And then when they all came back, I think they were even more excited than their Mom and Dads, as far as what they got to do. They were sure talking about a lot of stuff. (Pattie) It was a great opportunity. (Chris) What do you think about the morning session and kind of what went on with that and who did that? (Pattie) You know we had Casy Winn this morning with their live demo and it’s the first time we’ve had a live horse demo. We’ve had live horses here on I-70 obviously, but a training demo. And I think it went really well. Worked really well for us for the change and with the weather being 67 degrees today we had a nice, little, short hike from Weber over here. It went smooth as silk. And from the comments I’ve overheard, everybody’s had a great day. (Chris) Yea, you know I think when you have horses and I think Casy did a great job just adapting to what the horses were giving him and it seemed like everybody could hear over there. And Weber Arena is a great…it’s an older venue, but still has great aspects that we can use and utilize over there, so it’s great to be over in Weber. And then the afternoon, I guess kind of give a rendition of what went on in the afternoon of the same day here. We had Casy in the morning and then what did we do in the afternoon? (Pattie) Well we came back over here to Frick Auditorium and Dr. Liz Santchi did a presentation on lameness and radiographs. And then we had a really, really good panel discussion. We had five ladies that spoke representing the North American Trail Riding Conference, the Pony Club of the United States, we had Kansas Hunter Jumper and the U.S. Eventing Association represented and we had fox hunting here in Kansas, which I think surprised a lot of people in our audience. And then we also had Ashley Duda who is the coach for the K-State Intercollegiate Horse Show Association- IHSA. (Chris) Yea, yea and so… and there was a lot of questions during that time. I was like, boy I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to fill up that much time, but we were about ready to go over. We had to kind of keep everything rolling. So it is nice to have that much interest and have those great panel aspects, along with Dr. Santchi and talking about lameness and modalities to investigate lameness. There’s even people that wanted the Powerpoint presentation just to have for information for Pony Club quizzes, and stuff like that. And things to do for your horse. So, overall it seemed like it was a pretty great day for everybody to learn about horses. And it’s our fourth year to do it. And you know, you’ve been involved since the very beginning. And it’s so nice to have people say, “I’ve been here every year. I wouldn’t miss it.” And now I’m seeing more and more people come back, their familiar faces and I really, really feel good about what we put together here. (Chris) And you know I think it’s just exciting. Calling it Horse Care 101, it’s just that, it’s just kind of learning about the horse and you can always learn something new every year. It’s not ever the same. So, I think that’s great. Speaking of not being the same, what have we got that’s exciting news for next year, 2016? (Pattie) Well Dr. Temple Grandin will be here next year, which is fabulous. She’s from Colorado State University. And to accommodate her schedule we will be changing the date for next year. And it’s going to be on Saturday, December 3rd. (Chris) OK, Saturday, December 3, 2016. Don’t want to miss it, Horse Care 101. There’s going to be other things to do there than just Temple Grandin. So, wow a jam packed day. (Pattie) Yes. (Chris) Even just Temple starting us, so, beware of that. You’ll be able to find more information on the website for Kansas Horse Council. And if you have any questions or anything, just go to that website and what’s the website? (Pattie) It’s (Chris) Alright. Well, thank you Pattie. (Pattie) Thank you Chris. (Chris) Well, that’s it for Horsin’ Around here at Horse Care 101. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins with the Veterinary Health Center and we’ll see you around.

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