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Chris) Hello and welcome to Horsin’ Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center and today joined by Pattie Stalder, welcome. (Pattie) Hi Chris, nice to see you. (Chris) Pattie Stalder is the Director of the Kansas Horse Council. (Pattie) Correct. (Chris) And I think the Kansas Horse Council does a great thing for the horse industry here in Kansas. And they have some great events that are going to be coming up here. One being what we call the Horse Care 101 and then of course always Equifest. But let’s talk about the Horse Care 101 seminar. It’s something that’s been going on, how long has it been going? (Pattie) This is our fourth year Chris. And we are thrilled to have the Kansas State University of College of Vet Medicine here to partner with us to bring this wonderful event to horse owners in Kansas. (Chris) And it is always such…it gets more and more popularity it seems every year and we actually sold out last year. And so I think people need to make sure that they know where to go and when it is, so let’s give ’em the information about that. Where’s it gonna be at? And when is it gonna be? (Pattie) OK. November 14th. It’s a Saturday. It’s not a game day, no traffic issues. It will be easy to get in and out. And we are going to change it a little this year in that we generally start the event in Mosier Hall and Frick Auditorium. We will be there this year, but we’re going to begin in Weber Arena, because we’re going to have live demo. K-State rodeo coach Casy Winn will be there with a horse doing a demonstration on ground manners, basic safety instructions, just a general education on being around horses and handling them and so we’ll start in Weber, we’ll have some morning snacks there and then we will come a short little walk over here to our regular place in Mosier Hall and Frick Auditorium, we’ll have lunch there. (Chris) And I think that people are like, whoa I know Manhattan, I kind of know where you’re talking about, but they can probably get more information as far as a map and maybe even where we’ll park. There will be signs I’d imagine, that day too. And we say Mosier, that’s the Vet School. And Weber is part of the Animal Science and it’s a big arena. And so where would they go to find more information maybe even where to register? (Pattie) The easiest place is just to go to the Horse Council website. It’s very easy And there will be a link right there where you can call to register or you can download a form and mail it in. But I do encourage folks to get it done because like you said, last year we had to turn some people away because of the fire code in Frick Auditorium; we can only have 200 people in there. And we can’t change that, so please if you’re interested come and get signed up quickly. (Chris) Now you talked about Casy and doing some ground manners. What are some other sneak peeks of what’s going to be going on for the day? (Pattie) Well when we come back over to Mosier Hall we’re going to have Dr. Liz Sanchez who will do a presentation on radiographs and lameness and she will also have that same topic in our hands on lab that afternoon. And one of the things that will be interesting is that we have a group of people that will do a panel discussion on different equine activities in our state that might not be so well known. We’re going to have representatives from the fox hunting organizations. We’ll have Ashley Duda from the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and we’re going to have a Kansas Hunter Jumper representative. We’re going to have somebody from NATRC and also Back Country Horseman. And the big thing is we’re going to have our kids activities over in Weber in the afternoon. So, if they don’t want to stay there for the presentations they can spend the afternoon with the Kansas Horseman’s Association doing activities in Weber. (Chris) This is all great and I think that’s something to remember, it’s for the whole family. So, there’s stuff for kids to learn, stuff for adults, have labs, a lot of extra information. It’s a jam packed one day, and it fills up fast. (Pattie) Right, $15 for kids, $30 for adults, includes our lunch and snacks and great door prizes. (Chris) That is great. Well thank you Pattie. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Horsin’ Around and we will see you around.

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