Horsing Around – Brent Wright

Hello friends, I’m Ernie Rodina and I’m Dawn Dawson. (Ernie) Welcome to AG am in Kansas, the weekly Horsing Around segment and we’re out here with Brent Wright and RHA, that’s National Reining Horse Association million dollar rider. Brent, thanks for letting us come out to your place. (Brent) Good having you all here. (Dawn) We’re thrilled to be here. (Ernie) You’ve been here how many years? (Brent) Let’s see about… since 1987. (Ernie) Bunch of ’em. And reining’s been good, horse’s been good with us. Good to you. Tell us a little bit about what you do out here at the operation and your program. (Brent) Well, we just mainly run a little horse stable here and we train horses. Just train for the public. I got one here wanting to eat my coat here. (Ernie) That’s good. It’s making it a reality show then buddy. (Brent) Yeah, I’m feeding one. But training mostly reiners anymore, which is I don’t know if folks out there know what they are. It’s an event, it’s a western horse event that demonstrates control and how responsive the horse is. You have to run and stop, supposed to get on their rear end, stop and shows a lot of athletic ability. It takes a real athlete. (Ernie) So in essence, precision. (Dawn) And you do a lot of futurity horses, that’s mostly what you spend your time with and getting young horses going and competing at the NRHA, the big futurity events that they have down there. How much time does it take and how soon do you start your horses, what age? (Brent) We start them as two year olds, usually January, February the two year old year we get ’em broke and ride under saddle. And then it’s just kind of a slow process you know. I always say they learn more the first 30 days of riding than they do the rest of their life. You see more change the first month or two. Then we do a lot with the older horses too, like the derby event for four, five and six year olds which we are getting ready for this spring. (Dawn) Do you have a bloodline that you like to go with? Or any one line that you just really enjoy? (Brent) I can’t say that I do, there’s been a number of blood lines that’s been pretty good to me over the years and the custom chromes, I’ve enjoyed them. Some of the shining sparks and just a variety. (Ernie) For our viewers out there, what do you look for in this sale reining prospect or maybe they have a horse at home and want to make, want to train it in reining. What do you look for? (Brent) I think there’s several characteristics that you look for . They’ve got to have a real trainable attitude, trainable mind. They have to be quiet because you have to pick on them a little bit to get ’em to do this stuff and you’ve got to get after ’em once in a while. And if they’re the fractious kind they get real worried whenever you put a little pressure on ’em, then they’re probably not going to work for this event. And then we look for one that has a lot of balance. I look at the top line, a horse that has a real round top line, that uses his back and is going to be able to hopefully stop and turn around some day. (Dawn) Do you see some of that before you’re ever get on them? Do you look for some traits before you ever saddle a horse or when you’re picking out a prospect? (Brent) Sure, when if we’re picking one out why I sure look for that confirmation, find a pedigree that’s workable and then look for confirmation characteristics.
You can tell a little bit about their attitude on the ground too. (Ernie) Final thoughts going in and we appreciate having the opportunity to come out here, for viewers out there that might want to get into horses, any advice you’d give to the young woman or man that wants to be training horses? (Brent) Well, I don’t know, I guess it’s a great life, the Lord’s really blessed us in this endeavor but I mean if you’re not really 100 percent in to it, then I’d say you might not want to make a career out of it, but it’s something that requires a lot of time. (Dawn) A lot of dedication and work to it, isn’t there? (Brent) A little dedication. (Ernie) Well, we’re real proud, Kansas is real proud of what you’ve done for the horse industry. You’ve been a great asset. Really appreciate it
Brent, get the chance to talk to you out there. Until next time, I’m Ernie Rodina and I’m Dawn Dawson with the Better Horses Radio Show and AG am in Kansas.

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