Horsing Around – Bull Parker

Hello friends, I’m Ernie Rodina with AG am in Kansas and welcome to the Horsing Around segment. You know there’s not a better way to start your day out folks than something to do with horses. And here we are with one of the greatest bit maker, spur maker, leather guys, good friend of mine Bull Parker. Bull, Welcome to AG am in Kansas. Great to see you. (Bull) Thank you Ernie. (Ernie) You know we’re so excited here; we’re here at the Kansas Reining Horse Capital City Classic. And anywhere you go where there’s quality horses, quality horsemen, you always see Bits and Spurs, Bull Parker and let’s not forget your lovely wife Sandy. Tell us about what it entails, what you’re holding right there. (Bull) This is a bit here, that I had Brent Wright try out and I thought it was a pretty nice bit and liked it and it has my brand on it. Brent won the Houston Limited Open Over 50 in it and told him I’d like to have some of that check and he said you can have this buckle, but you’re not getting any of that check money. (Ernie) I tell you, well it’s all about the Kansas horse industry, people taking care of people. But you know what makes yours… there’s spurs, you can buy spurs anywhere, anywhere you can buy bits. What drives people… Let’s talk about bits. What drives people to call Bull Parker and have him make a bit? (Bull) Well you know, we sell a lot of bits to people that want to get something done with their horse, and a real famous guy a long time ago who made bits, and his name was Mr. Tramble, he said a bit to a horse is like a boot to a cowboy, if it don’t fit, he can’t think of nothing else. And I think that’s real true. And you know somebody making a living riding a horse, they are going to have more than one bridle. (Ernie) And you know the neat thing about it, the bridle, the bits, and you know I was lucky enough to get a pair of spurs from you and the spurs fit like a glove. And I didn’t realize the difference on spurs, and I’d like you to tell the folks if they’re interested getting a bit made from Bits and Spurs, or some spurs, how do they get a hold of you? (Bull) Well one time they wrote a story about me, Quarter Horse News did and people tell me if you type Bull in, B-U-L-L on the computer you can find me. But most horse trainers in the Midwest know who Bull and Sandy is, and we make bits and spurs for a living and we build them to your boot size and try and make something that is going to work for you. (Ernie) Well, you know you are a tremendous asset. You know this is what makes this world go around in the horse deal. All kinds of great horse people around the country. It’s a big industry, yet it’s a small family. You know and it’s people taking care of each other, the science and knowledge that goes into this stuff is second to none and the folks that are buying this stuff right and left. You know, I’m getting this halter someday it would be worth a lot. Say it was one for the original Bull Parker bits and everything. So we really appreciate you, Bull, everything you do for the industry and I would urge everybody to go to Bull Parker, look it up, Bits and Spurs. You find out. Folks thanks so much for tuning in to the Horsing Around segment on AG am in Kansas and don’t forget to check out our radio show, www.betterhorsesradio.com. Til next week, Ernie Rodina with Horsing Around.

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